Improving internal workflows and communication with Sitecore Intranet

Anti Doping Danmark is an organization consisting primarily of doping controllers, geographically spread out across the entire country and with no shared connection to a physical workplace. The mission of the intranet is to offer the controllers access to all the organizational information, tools and guidelines they need to perform their doping controls, wherever they are. Therefore optimization to mobiles and tablets is important as well. Furthermore the intranet should be used to streamline internal workflows like administration of doping controls and reporting of salary, mileage and costs.


Before the new intranet went live, organizational information, tools and forms were spread out on several platforms, making it impossible for employees to get an appropriate overview of available information.

Internal workflows were based on Excel, email, telephone and even letters. As a result, administration was time-consuming and the access to updated information was quite challenging and complicated.

Professional and social communication as well as knowledge sharing were poor due to the geographical spread of the employees and the fact that they don’t share a physical office and therefore seldom meet.


Together with Sitecore Solution Partner Oxygen Software, Anti Doping Danmark decided to use Sitecore for their intranet solution. The organization was attracted by the intranet starter kit that Oxygen Software had built on a Sitecore platform.

Anti Doping Danmark and Oxygen Software extended the Sitecore solution in many creative ways to reach all their ambitious goals for the new intranet.

  • Security: The intranet contains a module for the administration of confidential doping controls to make security an important issue. Login is extended to a two-factor authentication using an SMS validation code.
  • Mobile/Tablet Optimized: The site is based on a responsive web design platform, optimized for all devices. The platform also addresses the social media trend, using a social stream to facilitate formal and informal communication similar to the well-known social media platforms.
  • Advanced Search: An intelligent search engine is provided that prioritizes the search results based on content types. A search for colleagues is typically the most used search on the intranet. Hence if any employees match the search term, these employees are listed in a quicklist, making it easy to find the contact details.
  • Interactive Design: The front page contains a social stream to facilitate posting comments or information to departments or to the entire organization. The stream helps transform the intranet from traditional one-way communication to involving the employees on a new level.
  • Collaboration and  Sharing: Project rooms facilitate communication, information and document sharing between groups of employees. These project rooms also offer the possibility to leave comments and updates. Comments are additionally displayed in the front page stream for project members, personalizing the front page and making it easy to keep up with updates in the project room.
  • Streamlined Administration: One of the most important issues for Anti Doping Danmark was to streamline the process of administration of doping controls. This is now structured perfectly and easy to handle: Managers create a new control in a special “Control Module” and offer it to selected controllers. The controllers will be informed of that new control by email and SMS and can either accept or reject to conduct the control. If it is accepted, it will appear automatically in the personal calendar on the intranet front page. As soon as it is performed, results, mileage and time registrations are reported directly into this module. Finally managers are able to draw out results and monthly reports of time registration and mileage for administration of salary.


The new intranet has not only streamlined the administration process of doping controls, it also provides a valuable overview of ongoing controls, time registrations and doping results, helping managers to follow up ongoing cases or routines.

The intranet collects all relevant information and tools and provides the employees with one single information platform.

Due to its social stream, the intranet has also significantly improved communication and knowledge sharing between employees.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Content re-use
  • Responsive design
  • Optimized for all mobile devices
  • Personalization of Front Page and social stream