A New Online Experience for a New World City.

As Australia’s third major city, as well as its fastest-growing(1), Brisbane is not only a dynamic and exciting city for tourists to explore, it’s also a bustling business district.

Brisbane Marketing is the wholly owned subsidiary of Brisbane City Council, tasked with promoting Brisbane both nationally and internationally as Australia’s New World City.

For Belinda Reilly, Digital Marketing Manager at Brisbane Marketing, it was crucial that the city’s online presence reflect its young, vibrant culture. “We were already trying to think about ways in which we could market Brisbane more effectively to business and leisure audiences”, explains Reilly. “We had about 25 independent sites that we wanted to condense into two engaging websites and we realised that, in doing so, we’d also have an opportunity to completely overhaul the user experience”.

1) About Brisbane, Visitbrisbane.com.au