How the City of Darebin built a personalised, multilingual digital neighbourhood.

While serving citizens is the key objective of any public sector organisation, it’s fair to say that local government bodies are at the front line. There are more than 560 local government bodies in Australia today and, while roles vary from state to state, responsibilities generally include fundamental services such as water and sewerage management; health, community and welfare services; planning and development approvals; and cultural and recreational facilities, such as parks and museums.

Darebin City Council, based in Northern metropolitan Melbourne, serves more than 143,000 citizens and boasts a hugely diverse community that speaks 118 different languages. For Sylvia Vucetic, Team Leader of Digital and Online Communications, understanding and recognising this diversity was the key to providing an exceptional online service to Darebin residents. “There’s a range of different socio-economic circumstances for residents, therefore lots of different housing needs; from the south of the city to the north of the city”, explains Vucetic.


  • Build a website that meets the varied communication needs and socio-economic circumstances of a diverse community with more than 118 languages.

  • Create a more personalised experience to help foster a sense of community and belonging online.

  • Provide a more manageable, accessible solution for Darebin’s small team to make updates fast and effectively to the council’s many different venue websites.


  • Sitecore 8
  • ReadSpeaker
  • Acendre eRecruit


  • Mobile device traffic increase from 22% in 2014 to 33% in 2017
  • 47% increase in ‘add event’ form submissions
  • 35% increase in ‘contact us’ form submissions
  • Average time spent on page increased by 28 seconds
  • Number of pages reduced from 1000+ to 120 for a much better IA and UX