Using Sitecore’s Intranet Portal to put every employee at the center of personalized tools and information.

In a time of financial crisis and changing markets – companies, all across the globe, are looking for ways to optimize their operations and run more effective and competitive organizations. This is true for private and public companies alike. Naestved Municipality has been chosen as Sitecore’s Site of the Year – Denmark, Best Intranet, having demonstrated an excellent case of how an organization can eliminate bottlenecks of communication and operations, using Sitecore’s Intranet Portal (SIP) solution to put every employee at the center of personalized tools and information.


Naestved Municipality is one in 98 municipalities in Denmark. With its 81,000 citizens Naestved covers 681 square kilometers, making it the largest local authority on Zealand in terms of area. Naestved Municipality occupies nearly 8,000 employees in a wide variety of fields and services such as shools, day-care, nursing homes, health, traffic, environment, culture, employment and administration. The employees are stationed at many different locations, a fact that further emphasizes the importance of the intranet.


Realizing the “ready-to-run” concept of Sitecore’s Intranet Portal (SIP), Naestved has focused on an ideal combination of custom development and out-of-the-box functionality. Up and running quickly – with a plan to grow! Naestved has realized the quick wins of time saved on internal phone calls and less time wasted on “send to all” email case scenarios at the moment of launch.


As many organizations become more sophisticated, using data and applications across both the local area network (LAN) and Services run in the Cloud (SaaS) – Naestved Municipality has made one Front-Door to primary services across the IT programs & application pallet of the municipality. Login with single sign-on – integrated across existing platforms – makes the Intranet an accessible and user-friendly place even to access documents in the ESDH (document and case management) system.

When one of the municipality’s employees logs in to their computer in the morning, they are met with the combination of segmentation and personalization on the homepage which gives immediate payoff to the question, “What's in it for me?”  Content relevant to the specific department or employee is always presented on the top half of the homepage – based on a combination of SIP’s personalized content filtering and delivery model, called data-channeling, and the Sitecore’s security model based on the .NET portal framework from Microsoft.

Additional benefits of their new site:

  • Advanced 3rd party search engine implemented
  • Content specified based on 3rd party role in user-management system
  • Front-end editing – realizing “every-one-contributes”
  • Naestved runs Sitecore CMS separately for their publicly facing websites, which gives them the benefit of easy reuse of content and code. Plus, the ability to take advantage of staff existing Sitecore trained staff and resources

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Sitecore Intranet Portal