Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

The Australian Department of Health

Mental health is a public health issue worldwide, but stigma scares many people out of addressing it. To help residents get the information they need without fear or shame, Australia wanted to replace its MindHealthConnect website with a more approachable self-service portal for mental health services and resources. The challenge was not just to provide a comprehensive, accurate collection of resources, but to localize it for users throughout Australia's incredibly diverse population, not just by age, language, location, and culture, but also by level of mental health literacy and level of distress.

Working with both Speedwell and Liquid Interactive, the Australian Government Department of Health launched Head to Health, a digital mental health gateway with customized educational materials, listings of service providers, a chatbot to help users navigate, and a "hot button" link connecting users to crisis chatlines. Head to Health is outperforming the department's previous mental health site by every metric, including number of users, time on site, number of pages viewed, conversions (measured in clickouts to resources), bounce rates, and user-reported satisfaction levels.




Australia and New Zealand

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