Improving digital citizen experiences across government

Citizens today are accustomed to innovative, streamlined, responsive customer experiences in their personal lives, and expect the same when engaging with government agencies. A proven industry leader, Sitecore provides federal agencies with a secure, integrated and scalable solution – enabling agencies to provide the right information to visitors on their website at the right time while continuously improving the experiences for all.

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Driving digital transformation with the 21st Century IDEA Act


Rising expectations from citizens have prompted government leaders and policy-makers to press for improvements of federal websites and digital services. The 21st Century IDEA Act requires agencies to update public-facing websites with the aim of improving the service delivery, program efficiency, mission performance and citizen trust in government. Sitecore offers federal agencies a single, integrated platform that delivers the comprehensive capabilities needed to align with the guidelines and deadlines of the mandate.

Personalized digital experiences without compromising security


As agencies work to deliver rich, personalized digital experiences to citizens, they will need to ensure the security of their platforms to help build citizen trust and guarantee functionality. Sitecore maintains a number of compliance programs and certifications in accordance with strict regulatory and industry standards. According to the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system, Sitecore has less than one percent of the vulnerabilities associated with leading competitors.