Safety regions improve information supply and collaborative efforts thanks to the Sitecore platform.

The well-functioning provision of information and communication are primary requirements in disaster relief. Veiligheidsregio Midden- and West-Brabant, together with Sitecore partner Estate, launched a project to bring information supply and communication to a new level with an entirely new website.

Midden- and West-Brabant wanted to go from a static website with only factual information to an interactive platform on which civilians and companies could find safety advice at all times and where they can access information during calamities on how to act.

In addition, Estate development a corresponding app, with which the communication advisors of the safety regions could quickly and effectively add new information and spread it via various channels. The app is connection to the Sitecore environment of Veiligheidsregio, Twitter, Facebook and 26 municipality websites, on which banners are automatically published in the event of a calamity.


  • To improve the supply of information relating to disaster relief
  • To increase the ease of use of web and social media channels
  • Availability of a robust and scalable web platform


  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Email Experience Manager
  • Web Forms For Marketers
  • Sitecore Client Services
  • Crisis banner at partner municipalities
  • CIST app for iPad


  • One platform for the supply of information and collaboration in the event of disasters by connecting the app and a chat function
  • Stronger profiling of safety regions as a hub in the field of safety for civilians and businesses
  • Quick and effective definition of all actions with a focus on reporting to all stakeholders