Sitecore CMS helps Elsevier Business Intelligence Follow a Web-first Method of Publishing.

Elsevier Business Intelligence (EBI), a leading provider of data and analysis for senior executives in the medical device, biopharmaceutical, and consumer health industries, has launched a new website built by Velir on Sitecore’s Content Management System (CMS). The new CMS provides a seamless workflow between MS Word, the Web and print worlds and the ability to search through EBI’s catalog of 200,000+ articles.


Prior to the site redesign, Elsevier Business Intelligence was using four different authoring environments to author content for web and print, which created a training and maintenance burden for its staff. These outdated content management systems lacked modern features such as workflow and the ability to style content. The authoring systems were designed for print production even though more of the content was read online than in print. EBI also wanted to create the capability to easily introduce new content offerings and entitlement packages. Other requirements included providing a single search interface that could delve through over 200,000 articles of EBI content; replacing the outdated fulfillment and billing system; consolidating two e-commerce sites; and integrating with Salesforce CRM to combine all customer data, enabling the organization to better serve customer content and product needs.


Velir, a partner of Sitecore, built a website which consolidated five different web properties under one Sitecore instance. Sitecore’s CMS was chosen for its ability to manage EBI’s comprehensive integration and performance requirements, complex content authoring environment and web content distribution strategy. This redesign and redevelopment effort involved a series of complex third party integrations with Adaptive Print Studio (acquired by Sitecore in July, 2011), and a variety of other systems including Coveo Search, ExactTarget, Zuora, and Salesforce.

A Microsoft Word plug-in was developed to streamline content entry into the CMS. Instead of creating documents in Word and copy & pasting them into the Sitecore WYSIWYG editor, authors can work in Word and upload the content directly to the CMS with the push of a button. The plug-in enables authors to link and tag content, which greatly enhances content re-use and search engine optimization.

The authors format stories using familiar Word styles that are translated into web CSS. These features provide authors and editors with more direct control over web content presentation. The Microsoft Word plug-in allow authors to easily incorporate images and tables into their articles and helps them easily submit their articles for review and approval.

The website was designed to elevate Elsevier Business Intelligence as the over-arching brand, to merge various publications and also to keep the various product branding requirements intact. The Sitecore integration with Salesforce and ExactTarget enables automated marketing follow-up based on online customer behavior. These integrations provide significant analytics information, which informs EBI of the most viewed articles and captures how logged-in users and visitors use the site. Site usage data is segmented by the user’s employers, industries, and business functions. Significant events like registrations, purchases, profile changes, and information and trial requests are all captured in real-time in Saleforce, thus enabling marketing and sales follow-up. The availability of this of data in the CRM system is a great tool for analysis and helps with the planning of future marketing programs.

The seamless interaction between Salesforce’s CRM and Sitecore’s CMS effectively combines all customer data and enables the organization to better determine customers’ content and product needs. All of the user profile information can be leveraged for marketing automation and analytics, and user and customer profile information in the CRM and can be leveraged within Sitecore to personalize visitor’s web experiences.

“Since the day of our launch, we’ve had almost 100% up-time.” said Adam Gordon, Vice President of E-Strategy & Development at Elsevier Business Intelligence. “Sitecore’s reliability has been tremendous, and our ability to release changes without any customer down-time is a great benefit.”


The new Sitecore solution enables EBI to costeffectively and rapidly introduce on-going improvements to its web delivery environment. The new site increased client usage and new user registrations, and significantly increased visits via search engines. The redesign has also improved their article authoring process, as well as the print magazine compilation process, and moved EBI into a web first publishing methodology. The “web first” model creates revenue growth opportunities for EBI and the modern design of the site helps EBI stand out as a leader in the healthcare reporting industry.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Microsoft Word
  • ExactTarget
  • Coveo Search
  • Salesforce
  • Zuora
  • Unica
  • Adspeed
  • Adaptive Print Studio