Biotechnology company deploys new customer experience platform to help advance research and medical progress


Headquartered near Cologne, Germany, Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products that advance biomedical research. Since pioneering MACS magnetic cell separation technology in 1989, the company has grown into a multinational team of more than 1,400 employees in 22 countries. Scientists and clinicians around the world use Miltenyi Biotec’s enabling technologies for effective sample preparation, cell isolation, flow cytometry, cell culture, molecular analysis, and preclinical imaging. From research tools to GMP reagents, Miltenyi is making the promise of cell therapy a reality.

As part of its mission to improve scientific understanding and medical progress, the company chose Sitecore to deploy a new web presence that helps its customers more quickly and easily find the right products to support their research and clinical applications. The new customer experience platform provides country-specific information for more than 5,000 products, making it more efficient and effective for the company’s customers to shop online. In fact, within the first six months of deployment, Miltenyi Biotec achieved a substantial increase in customer registrations and online order volume. 


Miltenyi Biotec’s previous website was slow, difficult to navigate, and lacked specific pricing information for products. Plus, the search function often failed to return meaningful results. In addition, it was far too time-consuming for the company to make product updates on the website.

The company decided it was time for a web presence that would provide the biomedical community with the latest information on the products and solutions needed for research, as well as ensure that customers were able to keep informed about the best possible therapeutic options for patients.

The new web experience also had to enable customers to find accurate prices for each product based on customer type and the country where the customer was located. To achieve this, the new website needed automatic geolocation and IP recognition as well as an intuitive way to find product information based on visitors’ needs.


The complete website relaunch included a new web design, coding, a content management system (CMS), e-commerce capabilities, search engine optimization (SEO), and full integration of the company’s product information management (PIM) system. The company selected Sitecore for the integrated Sitecore platform, company and product vision, .NET technology basis, and global infrastructure. And based on its previous experience with Sitecore partner Oevermann Networks GmbH, Miltenyi Biotec chose the firm to implement its new customer experience platform.

Operating globally in 182 countries, the new web presence offers country-specific information for 78 locations. While the language is predominately English, local language is available for Japan, China, and South Korea. In the secure shopping area of the website, functionality is based on Sitecore Experience CMS and e-commerce services. Customer data and online orders are transferred via web services to the Miltenyi SAP CRM system.

The new website also includes a product finder that can search by 14 different attributes, as well as an algorithm that supports search via orders, priorities, and Greek and mathematical symbols. The product finder is based on Sitecore’s flexible data structure and Apache Lucene (for fast indexing and search). Oevermann Networks integrated Miltenyi Biotec’s PIM system (Viamedici) using Sitecore’s comprehensive set of APIs to support the complex set of content attributes, country-sensitive information and pricing, and content in three different languages for each product.


Miltenyi Biotec’s customers can now easily find, view, and purchase more than 5,000 products on the new website, with the biotechnology company adding approximately 100 new products per month. Within the first six months after launching the new website, Miltenyi Biotec recognized significant improvements in website registrations, order volume, and online sales revenue compared to the same period one year before.

A major factor in the success of the new website is integration of the PIM and CRM systems to automate and streamline the maintenance of product and pricing information, as well as support a robust e-commerce capability. The website has even become an excellent tool for sales reps, who can present solutions using their tablet devices and generate price lists to leave behind with customers.

Following the successful deployment of the new customer experience platform, Miltenyi Biotec is using Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System to gain insight into visitor behavior, which can be utilized together with business rules to drive more sales through actions such as proactive live chat and IP phone calls. The company also plans to integrate Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager into its digital marketing strategy.

Solution components

  • Sitecore Experience CMS
  • Digital Marketing System
  • E-Commerce Services
  • Language fallback package
  • Email marketing via specific landing pages
  • Integration with Viamedici PIM system
  • Integration with SAP CRM system
  • Lucene search
  • Integration with MI24 video portal for hosting of company and product-related videos
  • Tablet-compatible format
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, South Korean
  • GEO IP