In 2016, Qualicaps developed new strategic marketing initiatives to become the preferred supplier for the pharmaceutical industry through high standards of quality, functionality, and performance of both its products and people. Qualicaps is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of capsules for medicines and pharmaceutical processing equipment. The company is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation in Japan.

An important part of Qualicaps’ initiatives was to create a completely new online presence to support all stakeholders, both internally and externally. Beverly Nannini, Commercial Vice President, EMEA at Qualicaps, explains: “We needed a new website that would be aligned with our new branding and new strategic marketing efforts, and would help us lay a foundation for the future. Our existing website was relatively static, hard to maintain from decentralized regions, and offered minimal analytics regarding visitor profile and experience.” Thus, Qualicaps began a market orientation on possible solutions. After a thorough evaluation, it selected Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) as the basis for the new website, and engaged Sitecore partner Kabel to develop and implement it.

Qualicaps’ basic requirements for a new web platform encompassed three main components. First, the organization wanted one platform that could support different local websites for different regions. Also important was the ability to manage content internally in an easy way. The Qualicaps dedicated marketing team is relatively small, and they needed an easy to use, intuitive platform for creating and distributing content. Equally as important, if not more so, was the ability to enable excellent analytics capabilities to better understand how users engage with the website in order to generate more relevant, and even personalized, content.