Fratelli Carli extends its renowned personalized customer experience to digital customers 

In 1911 the Carli brothers extended their family business (Fratelli Carli) from printing into olive oil, due to an unusually abundant olive crop from their grove in the hills of Imperia, Liguria, in northwestern Italy. With more oil from one season than the family could ever use, Giovanni Carli saw an opportunity to sell their exceptional-quality surplus with an original marketing approach: selling olive oil directly to Italian households by building strong personal customer relationships.

Ordering and delivery methods have evolved from bicycle, motorcycle, and railway to delivery vans, but for more than 100 years, Fratelli Carli has led the direct-toconsumer olive oil market and added a growing range of associated products, enjoying a personal relationship with its 700,000 customers. Every day 4,000 orders are dispatched directly to Italian and worldwide customers, and the call center receives 2,000 calls daily.

The business wanted to ensure that its digital activities would enhance its renowned personalized approach to customer marketing. Although it had existing e-commerce websites serving customers through specific country sites covering Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and the US, the business wanted to integrate all its digital channels—web, social media, and email—alongside its business systems to build a personalized experience for each customer, regardless of the device used: desktop, mobile, or tablet.


Fratelli Carli faced challenges with its existing site: business users reported that editing site content was time-intensive, because content was replicated independently on each country website, with no centralized workflow approval, and changes typically required technical support. Web pages were the same regardless of the device used; the business’s email marketing system was old; and emails were largely static and did not integrate with either the content management system or the customer relationship management (CRM) system.

For its new website, Fratelli Carli wanted to achieve a significant reduction in editing time and costs, establish the brand across all channels, and essentially improve and personalize the customer experience. The project would focus on content management, social media, e-commerce, email marketing, and accommodating mobile and tablet devices.


Fratelli Carli selected Sitecore® Solution Partner GM Servizi, which recommended implementing the Sitecore® Experience Platform™. After the implementation, Fratelli Carli’s content editors began using Sitecore’s Web Experience Manager within the platform, combining Sitecore’s Content Editor and Page Editor, and now manage all content themselves without technical support, dramatically reducing time and external support costs.

E-commerce functionality was custom-built by GM Servizi on Microsoft .NET within the Sitecore platform and is now fully integrated with Fratelli Carli’s back-office systems and the Sitecore Experience Platform. The benefits of integration within a single customer experience management platform to deliver effective multichannel marketing have made a significant impact on the business. Fratelli Carli has more than 55,000 Facebook Likes, and Sitecore helps the business easily manage social media activity. Fratelli Carli’s content editors maximize content reuse by sharing media items used on the website from the Sitecore Media Library, together with web content such as product listings and promotions.

The business sends all its customers a coveted monthly printed catalog that now includes QR codes to help customers go directly to specific promotions. Scanning a code enables customers to see a product page that is automatically optimized by the Content Editor for their smartphone or tablet device, one of many examples of how simple it is now for the business to manage content and marketing activity for all devices on its single Sitecore platform.

Customers now also receive personalized emails that show products, promotions, and details relevant to them, building on Fratelli Carli’s reputation for excellent personal service. Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager (EXM) makes it easy, with business users accessing Sitecore’s Content and Page Editors to build, change, or update the email body. Integration with Fratelli Carli’s CRM system and EXM ensures that customer details and profiles are included in each personalized email. The business can also monitor its email marketing activity within EXM, using the built-in Monitor Behavior interface.


With Sitecore Experience Platform managing all six country sites, Fratelli Carli is benefiting from the sites’ attracting nearly 9 million page views from 1.4 million unique visitors per year. The business now receives more than 130,000 online orders per year, nearly 10% of all orders. Online is Fratelli Carli’s lowest cost-to-serve channel in terms of order processing costs.

The business is also benefiting greatly from using a single customer experience platform: having a central content repository—fully integrated with email, social media, the web, and its business systems—has resulted in a 60% cost reduction for content editing and a platform that gives the business confidence that it will experience continued growth and development.

Solution components 

  • Sitecore Experience Platform 
  • Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager 
  • Mobile optimization 
  • GM Servizi e-commerce cart