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L’Oréal fosters cooperation and collaboration

L’Oréal’s ambitious digital goal is to refresh and relaunch 600 websites for 15 brands in three years. The ultimate prize: to become the No. 1 digital beauty brand in the world. At the center of its global business transformation initiative is improving consumers’ online experience. Fostering cooperation and collaboration between the brands’ global goals and the unique country demographics will drive success.

With 1 billion consumers interacting every day with the company’s 3,000 different websites, L’Oréal saw the opportunity to deliver a consistent brand experience, open new e-commerce channels, create a personalized shopping experience, and increase revenue through cross-selling. At the same time, the 60 country subsidiaries needed a solution to cost effectively localize products and services and scale for future growth.

Today more than ever, consumers do not want to make the wrong purchase whether they are shopping in person or online. To reinvent the beauty experience through technology, L’Oréal is using artificial intelligence and augmented reality on its websites, and connected devices to offer customers more ways to analyze and understand their needs and gain personalized recommendations for products and services. One of its new offerings is based on an AI algorithm developed by ModiFace, a company L’Oréal acquired two years ago. L’Oréal applied deep learning to 10,000 pictures, powering its algorithm to detect the seven signs of aging in a customer’s skin – such as under-eye wrinkles, lack of firmness, or radiance – and recommend a treatment plan.

“AI is a never-ending source of inspiration and innovation, enabling L’Oréal to meet consumers’ diverse needs,” said Anne Guichard, Websites General Manager at L’Oréal. “Now consumers can upload their own picture to L’Oréal’s websites, and in just a few minutes they receive their personalized skincare matrix. Consumers learn about their skin and are presented with a product routine specifically tailored to meet their needs."






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