Defying the language barrier with easy to use multilingual capabilities

MMG is a mid-tier global resources company that mines, explores and develops base metal projects in Australia, and around the world. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under Stock Code: 1208 after it was acquired by Minmetals Resources Limited (MMR) on 31 December 2010. MMG went to market for a new web CMS with two goals in mind: • Addressing the fact that the needs of the business and stakeholders were no longer met by the existing MMG and MMR websites • Creating a single website for MMG and MMR following the merger of the two companies.


The former MMG website was no longer meeting business and user needs and work had commenced on a website redevelopment project to address this. Shortly after this project had commenced, MMR announced that it would be acquiring MMG. Equally, the MMR website would be unable to meet the combined business’ needs as it had very basic functionality and was largely uneditable via a CMS making content updates difficult and untimely. The MMG website on the other hand was limited by the fact it was created in a six-week timeframe due to the quick formation of MMG following a de-merger with OZ Minerals. The limited timeframe meant there was minimal time for requirements gathering and design development, causing the design template to be based upon the legacy website. In addition, the implementation provided limited functionality including, no video/audio embedding, no multilingual capabilities and poor version control. Usability was also often counterintuitive.


Extensive consultation, led by Stamford Interactive, was undertaken via focus groups and phone interviews across the diverse range of company stakeholders including jobseekers, investors, customers, suppliers, media, government and industry professionals.

Feedback led to goals being set for the project to:

  • Establish a clear direction and communicate the company story
  • Build positive relationships with the company’s audiences
  • Provide detailed content for specific user needs in relation to: 
    • Financial data
    • Operations (production and exploration)
    • Mine site and local community
    • Environment/sustainability
    • Careers 
  •  Ensure content is accurate and timely
  • Ensure the site is resourced appropriately
  • Develop a good website governance process
  • Support multiple languages

After going to market MMG’s team decided that Sitecore offered the most sophisticated functionality of all short listed content management systems. This included reliability, usability, workflow management and OMS capabilities. Scalability and flexibility were highly important in light of the company’s aggressive growth strategy, and tendency for change. Sitecore also offered the greatest range of functionality, such as the ability to manage translations, version control, media library management, and integration with other products.

Working with one of Australia’s leading digital creative agencies, Visual Jazz, who designed and developed the site, MMG conducted two rounds of user testing to ensure strong usability, before launching the new website in November 2011. The website currently supports the four languages: English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Lao. There are plans to consider French too following the company’s most recent acquisition of Anvil Mining Limited.

MMG plans to review SEO to maximise the use of metadata as part of the next phase of the project.


          The Sitecore solution has improved the stakeholder experience, as confirmed by feedback from two user testing sessions. User testing feedback described the new site as:

          • Interactive, friendly, helpful
          • Well laid out, easy to use and likes the interactive map
          • Detailed (in a good way for people who understand mining), easy to navigate, user friendly.
          • Quite useful, helpful (to find offices, what they do, overview of the company, etc.).

          Furthermore, the majority of feedback received via the new ‘Rate this Page’ functionality has been positive.
          Comments included:

          • “I think it’s great!”
          • “Informative page, keep pushing the environmental boundaries”
          • “The website is of higher quality than most of the listed companies of state-owned enterprise background. It is user-friendly and informative”.

          In reviewing the analytics, MMG noted an increase in search traffic from 39% to 49%, and an increase from 15% to 21% of visitors to the Careers section of the site, an important result for their recruitment strategy. Furthermore, visitors were now staying on the site for an average of 3 minutes as opposed to 2 minutes 46 seconds.

          Internally, the use of Sitecore has significantly improved management of content through user workflows and the ease of use has reduced upkeep dramatically.

          Technical Description

          Solution Special Ingredients:

          • Sitecore CMS
          • Sitecore OMS

          Integration with:

          • Akamai
          • Campaign Monitor
          • PageUpPeople
          • Metal Price Feeds (Thomson Reuters)
          • Share Price Feeds (Thomson Reuters)
          • Investor tools (Thomson Reuters)
          • Stock Exchange Announcement feeds (Tomolion)