Maximizing relationship with Sitecore to strengthen market position

After working together with Sitecore for already a number of years, Nederman decided to maximize this long-term relationship by upgrading its website to Sitecore 6.5 and implementing SharePoint 2010. In doing so, they want to strengthen their position as a world leading company within industrial air filtration. Stratiteq, a Sitecore Solution Partner, created both a corporate website and an extranet for Nederman, which makes it easier and more engaging for Nederman customers and prospects to find information about the company`s products and solutions.


Nederman was founded in Sweden in 1944. The company became a pioneer in developing solutions for air pollution control inside production facilities, protecting workers’ health and improving their workplace. In 2010, Nederman acquired Dantherm Filtration and thus grew to the world’s leading company within industrial air filtration, supplying solutions for protecting the environment from air pollution on both the inside and the outside of factories. The company also offers leading solutions for resource management, i.e. recycling, waste handling, media supply, etc. Nederman has subsidiaries in 29 countries and agents and distributors in over 30 countries.

Nederman has been using Sitecore’s CMS since 2006. Now, the number of editors feeding the site with content, images, videos and documents should be increased in order to manage content even easier and quicker and to integrate the Digital Marketing System for personalization. Thus, the system had to be upgraded.  

To assure and even strengthen its market position, Nederman created a new website based on Sitecore 6.5 and SharePoint 2010. The aim was to attract more prospects, to inform customers even better and to improve customer engagement as well as brand identification. A redesign and a new strategy  was needed to address the global offer to the market. Nederman wanted customers and prospects to find information about the Nederman product range easier, with a platform that would deliver solutions for possible customer questions.


Nederman and Sitecore Solution Partner Stratiteq started their relationship on creating a corporate website based on Sitecore 5.3 and extended this cooperation throughout the years by working together on various other website projects covering  areas like CRM and Business Intelligence based on Qlikview.

As Nederman always had been satisfied with Sitecore, it was no question for them to upgrade the system rather than implementing another CMS. As the knowledge of Sitecore was high within the organization and due to Sitecore’s impressive roadmap and improvements when looking at 6.5, there was no need to look any further.

In addition to the upgrade, the corporate website in English was extended by using Sharepoint Integration Framework (SPIF) to synchronize documents from Nederman extranet based on SharePoint 2010 (SP2010). Using SP2010 for storing and maintaining means Nederman doesn´t have to add new users to Sitecore neither do they have to train them. Document owners can continue handling their internal and external documents just like before with SharePoint.

Products are now created and maintained in Sitecore and synchronized to Nederman extranet (SP2010). Nederman creates and uploads documents in SP2010 and extends them with various metadata and tags, such as product names, document ISO numbers, language and document types, all to make it easier for internal personnel and customers to find the right information. Finally these documents are transferred to Sitecore CMS using SPIF and presented automatically on the correct product pages.

There are further steps planned for 2012. The Digital Marketing System (DMS) including personalization shall be implemented; first steps will be the use of statistics and conversion measuring as well as translating the site in up to ten languages.


The new site includes a number of great features. The integration between Sitecore and SP2010 (Nederman extranet) using SPIF and some custom functions enable Nederman to improve product information presented on their website. This solution makes it very easy for a huge number of Nederman employees to interact with the website and its visitors.

Even though the website only contains some 300 pages it feels way larger thanks to the clever tagging solution generating dynamic modules of information, like Proven Solutions and Problems We Solve. The dynamic Product Finder also helps the visitor to find Nederman products based on various customer needs, problems and processes.

Nederman offers unique industry concepts based on 65 years of experience and presents them as interactive Proven Solutions. It is a cool feature where the visitor can view products and solutions in a generic industry illustration to better understand the full Nederman offer. Point and click or by touch on a tablet device. An excellent resource also used internally for educational purposes.

Also, there is a very extensive “Contact Us” - section on the website, listing all Nederman companies and subsidiaries connected to webforms where results are automatically routed to the correct sales office. Based on the user’s IP-address the visitor always gets the contact closest to his or her current position.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • SharePoint 2010
  • Geo IP
  • Core Motives CRM-integration