SSAB helps customers compare, select, and order specialized steel products, providing a personalized web experience with custom print options.

The merger of two companies presents an opportunity for new beginnings––not just for the combined business entity, but for its digital presence, as well. Such was the case when SSAB, a global provider of specialized steel solutions, acquired competitor Ruukki in 2014. Within the requirement to create a converged website, the digital team saw an opportunity to improve the accuracy of the product information presented, and build sales by offering visitors a personalized experience that extended from the web to critical printed materials.

Working with its trusted digital agency, Sitecore partner Pyramid Communication, SSAB underwent a digital transformation that started building a centralized product data management (PDM) solution in Sitecore. Using SSAB’s Steel Selector, a sophisticated configuration tool, visitors can print dynamically generated PDF data sheets customized with local contact information. The result? A five-fold increase in new business leads.