Uponor drives digital maturity with Sitecore® to deliver multichannel user experiences

Uponor is a leading provider of plumbing, indoor climate solutions, infrastructure pipe systems, and associated technology. Headquartered in Finland, Uponor had revenue totaling €1.23 billion ($1.16 billion) in 2014, 3,982 employees, key markets in Europe and North America, and exports to more than a hundred countries. Uponor North America (USA and Canada), headquartered in Apple Valley, Minnesota, engages in sales, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing operations and accounted for nearly 26% of Uponor’s total sales in 2014. 


Uponor takes big steps in digital maturity 

Uponor’s marketing focuses mainly on two distinct audiences: homeowners and building professionals. Uponor North America began its digital marketing strategy more than five years ago, with its initial implementation of the Sitecore® Web Experience Manager to manage its North American public websites, uponor-usa.com and uponor.ca. 

The next step in Uponor’s digital marketing strategy saw the launch of two audience-specific portal sites on the Sitecore platform to provide customer-focused content via the web—the company’s preferred channel. The uponorpro.com (PRO) site assists professional installers with the tools and resources they need while using Uponor’s products on the job, and uponorengineering.com targets engineers to help improve their efficiency and effectiveness when they are estimating the requirements for a project. 

Across all the Uponor North America websites, the Uponor marketing team has used Sitecore to produce a blend of responsive design and mobile-optimized sites to serve its growing base of mobile users. 

Uponor made a strategic decision to present essential information in formats that were easy to navigate, such as product catalogs and case studies, pushing content it knew mobile users would want, rather than develop a mobile version of its entire site. 
With an aggressive multichannel strategy, Uponor created an online version of its print product catalog by connecting real-time, web-based product content directly with print design software, using Sitecore’s Print Experience Manager. With help from its Sitecore implementation partner, Aware Web Solutions, Uponor reduced print production times by 86%, with a totally new print catalog ready within 30 days. Going forward, the 150-page print catalog is perfectly positioned to be individually personalized for customers. 

Uponor’s internal marketing team went even further with the release of its groundbreaking Digital Briefcase app for its sales teams—using a Sitecore productivity enhancement from Accelcor Suite created by Aware Web Solutions. Digital Briefcase extends the content already in Sitecore and repurposes it within a sales enablement portal. The Uponor sales force now always has access to the latest detailed product literature, videos, training, and case studies via Apple iOS or Android devices, to use in presentations or as reference tools. 

Uponor is also leveraging many other features of Sitecore’s platform such as Page Editor to build easy-to-maintain pages for its PRO site. 

Using digital as a competitive advantage 

The results to date show how far Uponor has come as a digital-focused business. In terms of its multichannel experience offering, Uponor has had great success with mobile engagement, with 25% of the company’s web traffic now originating from mobile. Overall, digital channels generate more than 50% of all Uponor North America sales leads.

These initiatives over the past few years significantly advanced Uponor’s North America marketing in digital innovation and digital maturity, achieving many business milestones. Yet Uponor had ambitions to further support business growth within its professional installer and engineering audiences with more deeply targeted engagement and personalization. Uponor is serious about providing its customers with the best-possible digital experience and sees this as critical to continuing to drive growth. “We now position digital as a competitive advantage,” states Jon Orton, director of Marketing Operations. “We want to make digital the best experience and define what digital means to the organization.” 

With this new focus, Uponor’s latest challenge centers on creating a comprehensive digital-led strategy that looks across the company’s digital ecosystem to further enhance customer experience. “We’re looking to achieve digital maturity in an intentional manner rather than stumbling along and hoping for the best,” states Orton. “We’ve got a solid base to start from. Now it’s about extending and connecting.” 

Moving digital forward with Sitecore 

Using the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (Sitecore® XP) and the Sitecore Digital Maturity Model with a mix of in-house marketing resources and Sitecore implementation partner Aware Web Solutions, Uponor is creating plans to launch new, highly targeted and personalized professional multichannel experiences. 

“We’ve used the Sitecore Digital Maturity Model to tell our story internally, and we treat it like a visual roadmap. We’ve said to our business leaders that maturity is going to happen, and we show where we might align with the model,” states Orton. He continues, “When we first started using Sitecore, our early focus was on content. It’s now on user experience and moving through the maturity model to build lifelong customers, which is a different mind-set.” 

Building a clear digital roadmap for the future 

Using the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore’s Digital Maturity Model as a framework, Uponor’s North America marketing team knows its desired digital maturity stage. The maturity model offers a path for digital experience development, with the entire company understanding its digital plans and the role digital plays in future growth and success. Rather than being a tactic, digital is now pivotal to Uponor’s business growth plans. 

Uponor’s digital maturity means that it can build further on its successful initiatives, using digital to help the business be more strategic and building flexibility, such as being more responsive to price changes. Uponor now produces and analyzes digital performance statistics to continually refine its digital strategy, building dashboards and identifying gaps and opportunities. The company expects to further develop user experience, positioning digital as a strategic business advantage as it endeavors to create and maintain lifetime customer relationships. “The launch of Sitecore XP 8 is perfectly timed,” states Orton. “It has opened our eyes to another opportunity to expand our use of the Sitecore platform.” 

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