New intranet becomes company focal point.

VKR Holding owns and develops companies that produce innovative products to bring daylight, fresh air and thermal solar energy into our homes. VKR consists of more than 25 brands, the largest of which is the roof window producer VELUX. Other companies under the VKR umbrella produce thermal solar panels, sun protection products and natural ventilation solutions for energy efficient buildings. Employing approximately 16,000 people in more than 40 countries, VKR looked to Sitecore to implement an intranet platform that would make knowledge sharing across national and company boundaries a reality.


Global communication, one company

VKR’s previous intranet was over five years old and lacked interactive, user-friendly features. As its public website is based on a Sitecore platform, Sitecore’s Intranet Portal was the clear choice for the intranet upgrade. This made it possible – and simple – for VKR to reuse content as well as using one technology for managing both its intranet and various public websites.

So when VKR Holding wanted to turn its corporate intranet into a focal point for its staff, the company had a few key criteria. Most importantly, the intranet needed to be user friendly. Besides that VKR Holding required a standard intranet platform packed with a multitude of intranet features, out-of-the-box.


Create a user-friendly, informative intranet

With its remarkable range of ready-to-run features and functions, and fully customizable page layouts, Sitecore’s Intranet Portal provided VKR with a way to offer unique experiences to its employees and share knowledge across the company.

One of the highlights of the intranet is the interactive forums. Used to promote knowledge sharing, some of the forums are limited to certain groups or companies, while others can be accessed by everyone.

Responsible for VKR’s intranet and employee communications, Normann Sloth, senior project manager - employee communications, VKR Holding, is enthusiastic: “The interactive forums have been useful for knowledge sharing within the company. And it’s a great way to get news about the organization out to everyone. Employees are using it all the time for networking with others in the company.”


Personalized information and access

VKR worked with the design agency 1508 to create the right look and format. And with Sitecore’s Intranet Portal as the dynamic platform, the result is a customized multi-intranet structure, with different skins, graphics, and logos for the various companies and departments with a single sign-on across multiple domains. Everything on the intranet is highly personalized, and Sitecore’s tight security model allows VKR Holding to hide sensitive information. Sitecore’s sophisticated publishing security makes it possible for an administrator to assign individual viewing, editing, and publishing rights to anyone in the organization. This security can cover a single field, a page, or the entire site.

The new intranet now plays a pivotal role in connecting the various companies and employees who make up VKR Holding. Regardless of location, skill level or job title, everyone from the entire VKR organization can now share information and collaborate. For now, the main users of the intranet are the employees of VKR Holding, but the company plans to extend the intranet to other parts of the organization in the coming months.

As one of the intranet’s main drivers, Normann says: “When we began planning our new intranet, one of our challenges was to find a system that could tackle the unknown – all those future wishes and possibilities that would come down the road. And with Sitecore’s platform, VKR now has a powerful, future-proof tool that will be a crucial part in bringing our organization together.”

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Web 2.0, Wikis, and forums
  • 24/7 availability anywhere in the world
  • Integration with Active Directory software for single sign on
  • Danish and English versions