Nationale Vereniging de Zonnebloem focuses on the needs of its target group for their website with Sitecore.

The non-profit organization Zonnebloem focuses on three target groups: people with a physical disability, volunteers and sponsors. To cater to the specific needs of these different target groups, the organization needed a new website with personalization options.

Zonnebloem chose Sitecore because it met their specific requirements. Plus Sitecore's solution is .NET based, which fit in well with the organization's recent switch to the Microsoft CRM system. The Internet bureau Estate supported Zonnebloem in the process.

Zonnebloem is most proud of the new website's user friendliness. Visitors stay on the website longer and the number of mobile visitors has increased considerably. This also means that the number of conversions, i.e. making a donations or buying a ticket for the Zonnebloem Lottery has increased. "Our mission has succeeded with Sitecore", says Nils de Boer, Online Manager.