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L’Oréal's digital transformation scales using Sitecore XP on Azure PaaS

The goal: become the #1 digital beauty brand in the world.

Company size

80,000+ employees





L’Oréal fosters co-operation and collaboration

L’Oréal’s ambitious digital goal is to refresh and relaunch 600 websites for 15 brands in three years. The ultimate prize: to become the No. 1 digital beauty brand in the world. At the center of its global business transformation initiative is improving consumers’ online experience. Fostering cooperation and collaboration between the brands’ global goals and the unique country demographics will drive success.

With 1 billion consumers interacting every day with the company’s 3,000 different websites, L’Oréal saw the opportunity to deliver a consistent brand experience, open new e-commerce channels, create a personalized shopping experience, and increase revenue through cross-selling. At the same time, the 60 country subsidiaries needed a solution to cost effectively localize products and services and scale for future growth.

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  • Inability to innovate new services and experiences on new channels—such as e-commerce—as quickly as needed
  • Delivering personalized experiences based on customer interaction data
  • Address a decentralized organization including external partners with varying technology capabilities



  • Digital platform that gives L’Oréal brands the speed to market and flexibility they need.
  • Customized product offerings based on consumer profiles.
  • Lower capital costs and technology administration by consolidating 10-plus technologies into one, with Sitecore.
  • Improved page load times—from 7 seconds to below 3 seconds.

Through this program, we have now built a common platform, a marketplace of functionalities so every brand and country can concentrate again on providing the best experience for our consumers

Lubomira Rocher
Chief Digital Officer, L’Oréal Global

Agility, cost savings, and increased consumer satisfaction

L’Oréal, Sitecore, and Valtech have already seen success. Out of 3,000 sites, only 20% were driving the bulk of their traffic, and many sites were decentralized or inactive. The first three brands’ new websites are live and the global rollout across others is in progress.

Consumer engagement is a priority, so web page loads speeds are an important KPI. In the new, relaunched websites, average web page load times have decreased to less than three seconds from seven seconds.

“Through this program, we have now built a common platform, a marketplace of functionalities so every brand and country can concentrate again on providing the best experience for our consumers,” says Lubomiro Rocher, Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal Global.

In a short time, L’Oréal has also seen significant cost savings. Website technologies have been consolidated from more than 10 different technologies to one: Sitecore. L’Oréal’s journey to become the No. 1 digital beauty brand is on its way through engaged and connected consumers across the entire brand portfolio.

Solution partner: Valtech

Valtech is a global digital agency with expertise in technology, innovation, marketing, and experience design, and has a core passion for addressing transformational business challenges for clients.

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