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Personalization transforms Renegade Furniture Group’s online experience

By embracing AI-powered personalization technology, Renegade improves conversions and revenue


Renegade Furniture Group






Renegade Furniture Group, which includes Coleman Furniture, is a rapidly growing retailer revolutionizing the furniture industry’s century-old standards. Offering 40+ brands, 70+ delivery partners, and 20+ years in business, they lead the online furniture industry. In 1999, Renegade Furniture’s first website was established and credited with helping to pioneer the concept of selling furniture on the internet. From humble beginnings, they quickly grew by exceeding customers’ expectations, in part by offering tremendous variety, convenience, and value. Through an extensive delivery network, Renegade Furniture is the only company that offers free in-home delivery and set up anywhere in the Continental United States.


Optimizing relevancy to increase onsite conversion

Renegade Furniture focuses on customer needs and satisfaction above everything else. It is that mission that drove the desire to create an online shopping experience as seamless as their white glove delivery. To increase onsite engagement and revenue, Renegade Furniture has prioritized creating a fully connected shopper experience by identifying intent and reacting in real-time. “Our goal is to show our customers the most relevant products during their shopping journey. To do this, we knew a sophisticated AI-driven personalization platform would be needed,” said Shmaya Krinsky, Chief Technology Officer at Renegade.



increase in conversion rate


increase in average order value


increase in revenue per visit


average dynamic email CTR


Delivering individualized experiences with AI-powered, end-to-end personalization

Renegade began to seek out an AI-powered platform with the capabilities to connect their entire digital experience. Krinsky and his team focused on finding AI and people they can trust since this solution would impact every aspect of their online experience. “You are only getting a fraction of the customer behavior by choosing point solutions. To me it didn’t make sense to use AI to personalize unless we can create the end-to-end experience — preview search, full page search, category and landing pages, recommendations, content, and even email,” Krinsky continued.

Sitecore Discover’s platform delivers best-in-class, highly engaging, predictive, and individualized shopping experiences across all online touch points so retailers can drive more revenue and delight every visitor. The scalable, modular architecture delivers experiences for search, recommendations, category, and landing pages, content personalization, and email. The e-commerce AI is continuously uncovering hidden relationships across broad and growing combinations of products, attributes, visitor interactions, and their subtle preferences.

website page of retail company

"Sitecore Discover's Commerce Engagement Platform delivers best-in-class, highly engaging, predictive, and individualized shopping experiences across all online touch points so retailers can drive more revenue and delight every visitor."

- Shmaya Krinsky, Chief Technology Officer at Renegade


Renegade engages and converts visitors in real-time

After Renegade implemented Sitecore Discover’s recommendations, preview search, full page search, and email, they began to see a substantial return on their investment. Using the analytics features integrated into the Sitecore Discover platform, they could plainly see when shoppers engaged with Sitecore Discover’s personalization modules:

  • Conversion rate increased by 3%
  • Average Order Value increased by 3.24%
  • Revenue per visit increased by 6.52%
  • Average dynamic email CTR 4% and higher

“Beyond the dramatic increases in revenue, we’ve really enjoyed working with good, smart people at Sitecore,” Krinsky continued “It’s been an enjoyable partnership we plan to continue.”

What’s next for Renegade Furniture?

Next up for Renegade Furniture is to launch the last module of Sitecore Discover's Commerce Engagement Platform: Dynamic Landing Pages. Dynamic Landing Pages are SEO-optimized pages based on categories, product attributes, product recommendations or search results that automatically prioritize product display based on visitors’ profiles, interaction history, and product attributes. With warehouses across the country, Renegade Furniture competes with local brick and mortar stores. However, if the local store has the furniture in-stock the consumer may choose to purchase it through a competing retailer. Renegade Furniture is working to drive more regional, locally fulfilled sales. By layering in the inventory of individual warehouse locales into Sitecore Discover’s algorithm and giving consumers the ability to input their zip code, Renegade can help shoppers find products shipping from local warehouses. This is a win-win situation for both consumers and Renegade. A closer product location speeds up delivery and lower operational costs for Renegade.

website page of retail company