CNV Vakmensen has realized over the past years that membership in a trade union is not as self-evident as it used to be. This has made it more difficult to acquire new members and to retain existing ones. The organization wanted to address (potential) members in a more targeted manner with a multichannel strategy.

In collaboration with their partner theFactor.e, CNV Vakmensen developed various channels: from a new website to apps and a community platform, in an effort to reach various target groups. Prior to the implementation, the two parties set out to work on the basis of the SCRUM method, which is easily made possible by the modular nature of Sitecore. All channels are now live and further personalization of content is the next step in the process.

The goals set in terms of new memberships were amply exceeded. Also the number of visitors, pageviews and CLA downloads increased considerably and still is. Plus the Sitecore platform enabled CNV Vakmensen to keep the negative consequence of the changed contribution system down to a minimum.