Eneco strengthens customer interaction with Sitecore platform

For most consumers, gas and electricity are not products to which they devote a great deal of attention. This creates challenges for energy suppliers, especially if a company wants to be more than just a supplier. Eneco is taking up this challenge with conviction. The company wants to be the energy partner of the consumer and the business customer.

In order to give shape to this, Eneco is working on an online presence that caters to the needs of every individual visitor, every customer and every company. For several years now, the organization has been using Sitecore technology for its website www.eneco.nl. Important reasons at the time were Sitecore's broad capabilities, which go far beyond a mere content management function. This is in line with Eneco's ambitions to appeal more to customers on an individual basis.

This is now done using the personalization capabilities that are an integral part of the Sitecore Experience Platform. Eneco intentionally started to personalize on a small scale and expanded this strongly after an initial start-up phase. The project to structurally address personalization also led to the decision to completely rebuild the existing website with the help of the Sitecore Experience Platform.


  • Increase of customer engagement
  • Offering customers a relevant and engaging online experience
  • Making better use of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities


  • Sitecore 8.2
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Sitecore Experience Analytics, Experience Profiles, Personalization and A/B Testing

The results

  • 25% increase in self-service conversion ratios
  • 10% increase in e-commerce funnels conversion rates
  • Complete redesign of website based on 'Personalization first'