Across the globe, more than 230,000 customers trust Iron Mountain to protect their valued documents and data. Since 1951, reliability and consistency have led to $3.5 billion in annual sales across 52 countries. However, geographic expansion and a large 2016 acquisition added complexity to the company’s online presence. Localization extended to 30 languages, administration costs expanded, and change requests accrued.

While Iron Mountain’s web properties reinforced trust and brought in 50 percent of new business, the company needed to continue to enhance its digital marketing platform and online presence. Management agreed that a strategic investment would enhance brand consistency and would help the company continue to be able to manage the administration of its many web properties. As a result, company leaders researched a new platform for their next stage of expansion and turned to Sitecore and its technology partner, BrainJocks, for guidance.


  • Enhance online experienceto guide and accelerate customer satisfaction.
  • Increase brand consistencyto reinforce values of security and trust.
  • Scale global platform across 52 countries and 30 languages.
  • Boost efficiency and lower cost through simplified, central administration.
  • Personalize online experience to magnify engagement and revenue growth.


  • Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP)
  • BrainJocks SCORE™


  • Strong user experience: Increased customer engagement across continents and cultures.
  • Advanced scalability and performance: Simple, central management for 52countries.
  • Enhanced security and governance: Trusted web platform for storage market leader.
  • Improved efficiency and costs
  • Flexibility and personalization: Strong web platform for next stage of digital growth.