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Nature Energy: Deeper insight for better service

Nature Energy connected their data and customers journeys to connect more consumers with future-proof energy solutions





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Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Nature Energy: Tailored experiences that create social value

As the largest producer of biogas in Denmark and the leading producer of green gas from farm and food waste for the European grid, Nature Energy’s goal is to help customers choose future-proof energy solutions that create value for themselves and society. To this end, the company offers custom-made energy solutions, advising on and subsidies for energy efficiency projects, and sells gas at competitive prices.

To move away from the era of monopoly-based energy providers, Nature Energy desired to communicate clearly, transparently, and efficiently with its customers and prospects. The company needed to do more than gather customer data. It needed to understand what the data revealed about each customer and use this knowledge to create unique and relevant experiences. By partnering with Sitecore and Cabana A/S, Nature Energy connected their databases, channels, and customer journeys.

Nature Energy has cutdown its product offerings from 15 to 3 product packages containing the most basic products. Customers can add other products to each package according to their needs. Nature Energy has also personalized its email streams. The results from the “Read your measuring campaign” are revealing: an 80% unique opening rate, a 198% opening rate (with many opening the mail several times), a 60% clicked through rate, and 48% converting and reading their measurements.


  • Build closer customer relationships
  • Unify customer data flows
  • Personalize customer experiences


  • Slimmed 15 offerings down to 3
  • Collected data on where users come from, what they’ve seen, clicked on, etc.
  • Integrated CRM, various channels, and databases
  • Track customers movement through and actions in funnel
  • Created and implemented personalized email automation plan and engagement flows


  • Company and customers getting more benefit from each interaction
  • Integrated products into 3 packages
  • “Read your measuring campaign” achieved an 80% unique opening rate, a 60% click through rate, and a 48% conversion rate.

Products used

  • Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)
  • Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)
  • Sitecore Experience Manager (XM)

Solution Partner

Cabana is the first digital experience studio in Denmark. They are specialists within marketing automation and engagement flows. Since 2002 they have made it their mission to create personalised, digital customer experiences with measurable results.

Cabana is located in Copenhagen close to the majority of their clients, which are mainly larger organisations with extensive experience in large scale internet portals and service solutions.