Providing Privacy Professionals a web-based next generation tool for quickly finding relevant legal and technical information.

Nymity’s revolutionary privacy support system offers hundreds of organizations access to informational tools to keep up to date on the latest research in the industry. To offer the next generation of resources in the growing privacy field, Nymity created a set of web-based tools designed to help professionals, such as privacy officers and lawyers, maintain compliance, mitigate privacy risks, and monitor related legislation. Using Sitecore, they built highly sophisticated tools to support the complex structure of the technical and legal information presented, while simultaneously publishing content from Nymity’s legal team—none of whom had technical backgrounds.


Though a relatively new field, the privacy industry produces a vast amount of information that continues to grow. Nymity’s brainchild was to create an efficient methodology that allows users to access this information in a logical, consistent and intuitive way.

Nymity’s existing content management system was unable to perform to the standards required by privacy professionals to find the information relevant to their needs in a time and cost efficient way. Nymity also faced the challenge of amending the solution’s functionality in order to accommodate changes around subscription hierarchy, search capabilities, reporting, and user-activity. As the company did not include an in-house technical department, Nymity would need to modify their solution to both solve their current site issues as well as create the sophisticated web tool they desired without a dedicated IT staff.

As the privacy field grew, and the company prepared to enter the US market, Nymity began the search for a new solution that would deploy quickly and yet be flexible enough to scale with client demand. The solution would have to automate Nymity’s sophisticated risk based research methodology and need to be cost-effective while using an implementation partner with the technical knowledge to achieve the project’s goals.


Nymity selected SiteSystems Inc., also based in Toronto and specializing in the design, development and implementation of user-friendly and functionally-rich web sites. As a dedicated Sitecore partner, SiteSystems leveraged Sitecore’s proven and highly refined Microsoft .NET-based CMS technology to deliver an application built to ensure no maintenance or onsite technicians were required. “It quickly became apparent to us that the knowledge and experience of SiteSystems is well above and beyond that of its competitors. We knew we were in good hands with the SiteSystems team,” said Terry McQuay, President of Nymity.

Out of box, Sitecore’s functionality met Nymity’s business requirements, and SiteSystems was able to complete the upgraded web tool application, called PrivaWorks, over a ten month period. In fact, the implementation of PrivaWorks was so successful, Nymity decided to use Sitecore to rebuild the corporate website and was able to do so in only two months

Using Sitecore, SiteSystems implemented the general architecture of the web application to affect the privacy fields’ information structure. Nymity developed a complex and sophisticated methodology of structuring and organizing research documents, and SiteSystems took advantage of the flexibility of Sitecore to build the corresponding content structure that would support it. SiteSystems also designed the PrivaWorks as a portal approach (“my PrivaWorks”), with a state of the art user interface incorporating a search function based on extensive metadata tagging. This ties together hundreds of logs and thousands of rules and references to produce an application that gives, in Nymity’s estimation, 80% of what a client wants to know about a privacy case in 20 minutes.

Says McQuay, “Sitecore provides such power with advanced taxonomies, metadata, and ease of content publishing that we were able to develop and launch PrivaWorks under our time and cost budget. It has become an immediate and rapidly growing hit with the privacy professional community.”

Through the application’s integration with email, users are able to set up alerts and virtually monitor areas and keywords of interest. They can also connect with peers and ask questions in PrivaWorks’ subscriber forums.  

In order to support the complex multiple hierarchies and relationships within PrivaWorks’ content, SiteSystems’ solution used Sitecore with a stand-alone database for the most efficient access to the information. New content is updated and added continuously as Nymity has a dedicated team of privacy lawyers that are constantly publishing analyses directly into Sitecore.


The upgraded PrivaWorks application and the Nymity live site launched in the U.S. SiteSystems maintains an ongoing relationship with Nymity and is already in development of the next version of PrivaWorks. Thanks to the specialized implementation of their Sitecore solution and after rapidly adopting the technology in a one-day training session, Nymity is able to support most of their needs in-house.

About 600 subscribers across North America, mainly privacy officers and privacy lawyers, rely on PrivaWorks to provide them with the information and resources needed to maintain their clients’ privacy and security.

Using Sitecore allowed Nymity to build the next generation of privacy support portal, incorporating a visually displayed methodology in an efficient, stable, and intuitive solution that was operational and functional for users.

 According to Oleg Lemeshko, President and CEO of SiteSystems “Our clients depend on content quality and quantity to be delivered on time—and Sitecore delivers.”

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