Sitecore helps PFC Energy evolve from print to digital to better serve clients

PFC Energy is a leading consultancy for the global oil and gas industry, delivering insightful analysis and business solutions built on robust data and experience. Its services include upstream and gas, midstream and downstream oil, markets and country strategies, and financial sector consulting. PFC Energy stands out in the industry because of their energy specialists, proprietary knowledge base, and independence. To remain competitive in the subscription service business, PFC Energy needed to evolve from a print-oriented approach based on emailing PDF documents to clients. The company needed a platform that would allow clients to extract business value from their charts, text, and graphs, by making them searchable, digitally accessible and shareable. Working with Sitecore partner, NavigationArts, PFC implemented a new web content management platform to better engage its clients.


Prior to the Sitecore implementation, PFC Energy had no cross-marketing capabilities and thus very limited ability to cross and upsell their content. PFC Energy needed a website infrastructure capable of supporting the proliferation of service offerings. They also needed to promote its intellectual property, build a faceted search and provide cross-marketing services on the public-facing and subscription-based sites.

Additionally, while PFC Energy’s name and research was extremely prestigious in the industry, its website failed to match that reputation. Top decision-makers for some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world rely on PFC Energy to deliver the most in-depth research on areas and issues of importance to them. This content needed to be shared and easily accessed, which was a very difficult task with information in different areas of the organization.


PFC Energy needed a Web Content Management System (CMS) powerful enough to support its vast amounts of research and data, nimble enough to allow for frequent and timely content publication, and flexible enough to allow for complex integrations with third party enterprise software. Sitecore partner, NavigationArts, and PFC Energy selected Sitecore because it provides an easy-to-use CMS to manage vast amounts of intellectual property, including more than 30,000 pieces of content, with more than a dozen business users adding content daily. Having been a Sitecore partner for more than four years, NavigationArts also understood how to customize Sitecore for thorough tagging of content based on an extensive and strict taxonomy, which would provide the navigational foundation for the member-only site.

NavigationArts implemented a bold, immersive visual design that conveys PFC Energy’s forward-thinking, global reach and leadership. The PFC Energy homepage was designed in a horizontal grid with a certain number of rectangles available for promotional content. This efficient design has given PFC Energy’s marketing team tremendous power and content editors can easily select which content to promote and simply swap it out for something else. Relevant content is easily crosspromoted on the member site to encourage members to dive deeper into PFC Energy’s subscription offerings. NavigationArts implemented and customized Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite (OMS) with PFC Energy’s CRM, Salesforce. OMS customizations are critical to PFC Energy’s billing system, as some select clients are invoiced solely through traffic-metered access. Using the OMS gathered analytics data, reports are generated that show PFC Energy the most popular subscription services, documents, the amount of activity individual customer accounts have performed, and other reports that they use to monitor customer usage of the website.

The Sitecore solution enables personalization of the website, controls user access to the site and permissions, and enables user self-service. Integration with ExactTarget Email Marketing Management, which draws customer lists from Salesforce and content from Sitecore. PFC Energy sends an estimated 1.8 million emails a year, mostly targeted at their customers to inform them of new content on the website.


The key to the solution was helping PFC Energy develop and optimize the use of a digital platform that was as advanced as their analytical reputation in the industry in order to better serve, engage and retain customers. NavigationArts’ engagement with PFC Energy was a year-long, multidisciplinary project that encompassed user research, system development, planning, information architecture, design, HTML development, and content migration. Sitecore provided the platform for attaining all these goals, including easy management of content, an attractive, modern design that and the flexibility to integrate with business-critical 3rd party systems. Through a complex integration with Coveo Enterprise Search, Sitecore laid the foundation for a navigational structure in the member site based on a faceted taxonomy that allows visitors to search across multiple disciplines. The business paradigm shift design unlocks and exposes content, and puts power in the hands of PFC Energy’s clients.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients:

  • OnSave
  • Salesforce
  • ExactTarget
  • Coveo Enterprise Search 6 and Coveo’s Sitecore connector
  • Amazon S3