YouSee uses Sitecore’s OMS to present the most relevant and engaging experiences for their clients, increase total online sales and upsell additional benefits and services.

YouSee A/S is a subsidiary of TDC Group, which in 2008 generated sales of more than three billion Danish Kroners and employed 1,300 people. Core Performance for YouSee (or TDC Cable TV as it was called until 2007) has traditionally been the provision of cable television to the Danish households. From 2005 the company was the first Triple-play provider of TV, broadband and telephony from the same connector. Working with Sitecore partner, Valtech, YouSee is using Sitecore’s OMS to present the most relevant and engaging experiences for their clients, in order to increase the overall online sales and sell several benefits and services that are outside the main products.


YouSee has a very strong market position as Denmark's largest provider of TV and broadband services on cable TV network. Nearly 47% of Danish households get television entertainment delivered from YouSee. However there is a fierce escalation of competition as new players have made their entrance - either as challengers at Triple-Play or niche players.

YouSee’s strategy in relation to private market is to differentiate itself from its competitors by adding a range of services on top of primary products, and providing customers with a qualitative advantage by choosing YouSee's products. Services like cable upgrading to YouSee + with advanced features and customized television packages, such as the broadband impact Web TV, music services, webmail, etc.

Some challenges they faced included:

  • Increase sales: has traditionally been focused on communicating the factual characteristics of the three core products: TV, broadband and telephony. As a result of the differentiation strategy, YouSee has decided that the website must communicate the experiential properties of products. This is a movement from "what I get" to "what do I get out of it." The goal is to increase the share of products sold via
  • Reduce time for customer support: Another challenge for YouSee is the excessive use of internal resources to handle support inquiries from customers. Therefore it is a goal for the website that customers to a larger degree can service themselves with the help of appropriate guides and manuals on
  • Improve CMS: It was difficult to implement the above steps on the previous platform - a self-developed CMS. Therefore it was the wish of YouSee to move to a more modern platform that gave them a greater degree of flexibility and facilitated the work of dissemination of experiences, building a support section and executing campaigns at the site.


YouSee chose Valtech, a Sitecore partner, to help them meet their goals. Valtech was responsible for the overall development project. This involved project management, planning, organization of project initiation, development and launch. The development team was composed of developers from both Valtech and YouSee.

Valtech developed a new site based on Sitecore, featuring a number of components that are specifically designed for YouSee's needs – including integration into a number of internal systems. Valtech also built an advanced user interface that supports YouSee's high demands on both the dynamic design expression and sleek user experience.

Sitecore Online Marketing Suite

With Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite (OMS) integrated on the YouSee site, the traffic is now measured in a more meaningful way. YouSee can now accurately measure the analytics for the number of sold products, product acquisitions, the value of each sale, and a survey of dropout rates and conversion rates at every stage of the purchasing flow. Omniture SiteCatalyst is being used as main analytics system, yet in close collaboration with Sitecore OMS.

Sitecore’s OMS has also enabled the YouSee site to include behavioral targeting -- a powerful tool that provides specific audiences with relevant messages. YouSee’s focus is mainly on highlighting broadband services across broadband customers, while cable TV customers are presented with options for upgrading to YouSee +.


As a result of the newly structured site, YouSee has modernized their site – which has become an important sales and information channel that supports their existing business strategy. The intention was to increase the overall online sales and, more importantly, to sell several benefits and services that are outside the main products.

Other results include:

  • Sitecore’s OMS has allowed different pieces of YouSee’s site to work together harmoniously, providing relevant content to the appropriate audiences. Today, with A/B testing and behavioral targeting, YouSee has a better understanding of their customers’ needs and what they’re looking for. As their customer’s needs and behaviors change over time, YouSee will know in real-time and be able to adjust their content appropriately.
  • Everything is tracked at and this data-driven approach has (in a highly increasing competitive market) already strengthened online sales and has led to a significant increase in numbers of support articles read on the site. Also the brand experience of the site now fully supports the overall brand positioning activities for YouSee (i.e., off-line campaign activities).
  • YouSee's new website has become a powerful tool to fulfill the company's business strategy. With Sitecore and Sitecore OMS, as well as a data-driven approach strongly rooted in the YouSee organization, the foundation of strengthening YouSee's position in the Danish market has been developed.
  • The insights learned from using OMS and analytics to optimize website performance leaves YouSee with a roadmap of initiatives going forward. I.e. have data and insights on user behavior on the site lead to an initiative to optimize the online booking flow with the goal to further increase online sales.
  • Analytics data shows a clear improvement of the Self-Service KPI from 2009 to 2010 with no less than 25%! And a total of app. 500.000 extra page views have been achieved in 2010 compared to the same period in 2009 (old site).

“With Sitecore we are able to better respond to market needs and understand what our customers want — allowing us to adjust our content in real-time and gain a competitive edge,” said Peter Østerhaab Poulsen, Online Manager, YouSee. “The data-driven analysis Sitecore provides allows us to strengthen online sales and achieve significantly higher levels of engagement. With Sitecore, our website has now become one of our most powerful business enhancing tools.”

Joacim M. Jeppesen, Director, Valtech added, “This recognition is well deserved. YouSee, like many organizations, understands the significance of converting digital investment into real business value. They have a high level of maturity with web analysis and data-driven optimization, and this -- coupled with Sitecore’s OMS – has allowed them to achieve powerful results through the intelligent use of insight into user behavior and preferences to provide an engaging and relevant user experience for their clients.”

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Sitecore OMS
  • Omniture Sitecatalyst