Making it easier for staff to share current and relevant information

Canon is the world’s leading imaging organization that actively inspires with imaginative ideas that enable people to connect, communicate and achieve more than they thought possible. Canon, with the help of web design agency, BlueArc, was seeking to deliver a completely redesigned intranet for its Australian and New Zealand employees. The goal was to improve the overall usability, accuracy of content and system stability. The intranet was designed to bring it back to its core functionality, with the design focusing on building a structure that is fit for purpose, fixing current issues (like search) and risks (like information security), its goal was to also improve usability, effectiveness.


The legacy system was outdated and based on unsupported technology with a risk of total system failure. Staff faced a number of challenges when using the system including:

  • Difficulty in finding information
  • Out of date material still available
  • Non-intuitive navigation
  • A lack of skills to support the system
  • A lack of content ownership and governance structure for ongoing maintenance

With these challenges in mind, Canon decided that it was time for a new system, with the following goals in mind:

  • Greater efficiency in intranet usability
  • Easy access to information
  • Address information security
  • Review and clean up existing information on our intranet
  • Reduce maintenance/ ongoing cost
  • Reduce the risk of current intranet failure
  • Integrate the intranet with Canon’s existing systems


Sitecore was chosen to manage the intranet, as the CMS was already successfully managing Canon’s public facing website, and met all of the business requirements for a new intranet. Canon then went to work with BlueArc to implement the new intranet, keeping the solution as out of the box as possible to ensure a simple upgrade path.

Canon completed the project in two phases; first Core Intranet and then Applications that ran on the old intranet. Phase 2 is still underway. After thorough UAT testing the intranet was launched to employees in Australia on Dec 18 and New Zealand later that week.


Canon has achieved all the goals that it set out to achieve, including

  • Improved information architecture and presentation of intranet content
  • Stabilizing the environment by using current and supported technology
  • Providing greater efficiency in intranet usability
  • Bringing Canon’s brand to life for its employees
  • Engaging employees
  • Providing personalized and targeted information to all employees
  • Providing a better way to locate and discover information (in particular search)

“We now have an intranet that is usable, functional, fresh and ready to move with Canon into the future. We have functionality that our employees can interact with and that has been quite successful, like our Image of the Week on the homepage,” said Kylie Church, Manager Corporate Communications for Canon.

“We are also proud of having a site that is easy to manage and does not require developer intervention each time we would like to do something, it is extremely flexible.”

Anecdotal feedback is that staff love the new site. They are enjoying being able to find information particularly through search which did not work in our previous system. They love the new design and are enjoying having fun with Canon’s new logo Pixel!

Next steps for the Canon Intranet are to make it mobile. With the sales team and technicians out on the road this is becoming increasingly important.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients:

  • SharePoint 2010
  • Geo IP
  • Core Motives CRM-integration