Struers offers a personalized, attractive and relevant web experience and boosts sales with Sitecore-based website

As a global market leader in equipment, consumables, and services for materialographic surface preparation and analysis of solid materials, Struers wanted to strengthen its online presence. The company’s main goal for a new website was to offer an attractive platform for generating qualified leads – based on a systematic collection, integration and use of data and create satisfied customers who come back to trade.

After an extensive selection process it selected the Sitecore Experience Platform as the basis for the new website. Main reasons were Sitecore’s strong data, personalization, and analysis capabilities, which are all key for tracking visitors across all devices and throughout the entire customer journey.

The new website has led to some remarkable results, including significantly improved customer experience, a 320% boost in website traffic, over 40% more time spent on the website, 182% more qualified leads generated and a 20% boost in leads generated by the Lead Engine. Impressive numbers which Struers obviously is very happy with.

The new Struers website won the Danish Digital Award and the Danish Internet Award 2017, and also took home a Sitecore Experience Award in the category “Best Data Driven Website”.


  • Improve the Struers brand experience
  • Increase the number of qualified leads
  • Collect data systematically from all touchpoints
  • Finding relationships in data and creating insights
  • Use insights to create maximum relevance in marketing and sales dialogue
  • Measure continuously on effects and optimize


  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Personalization
  • Languagewire integration
  • CRM (Pivotal) integration
  • Azure


  • Significantly improved customer experience
  • +320 % boost in website traffic
  • +40 % more time spent on the website
  • +182 % more qualified leads generated
  • +20 % boost in sales to leads generated by the lead engine