Sitecore chosen to re-design the corporate website of AccorHotels Group

AccorHotels Group wanted to totally redesign the corporate website by offering new services and content with a bold, modern interface to strengthen brand identity based on the “Feel Welcome” promise.

The website's design approach is "Mobile First", meaning the new website is capable of adapting ergonomically to new types of usage. AccorHotels Group has paid particular attention to observing accessibility standards, allowing all members of the public, including the visually-impaired, to fully use the website with ease.

The solution:  Sitecore CMS hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

For the technical integration, Sitecore called upon the services of its partner, Atos, because of its ability to act as an integrator throughout the chain. Sitecore also provides a single-entry point: technical implementation, application maintenance, roll-out, and complete managed services with 24/7 automated server supervision in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Three challenges – One platform

  • Reposition the website: create an experience that reimagines and goes beyond what is expected from a corporate website, with a sleek, ambitious design full of innovations
  • Make the user experience (UX) clearer and easier: design "Mobile First," comply with digital accessibility standards, and make the corporate website into an audience hub
  • Respond to technical challenges: enable multi-device, worldwide, high-demand requirements for security and cloud hosting

Repositioning the website

  • Communicate the "Feel Welcome" promise
  • Clarify the website's positioning in the Group's digital ecosystem (i.e., e-commerce websites, etc.) based on services and exclusive content
  • Create a bold, modern image for the Group with a warmer, more user-friendly approach

A clearer and easier user experience

  • A dedicated browsing route for each of the many website targets (customers, job hunters, shareholders, hotel owners, etc.)
  • A new design with a catalog of components integrated in Sitecore
  • Improved user experience (dynamic mapping of locations, innovatory graphics browsing system, etc.)
  • New functionalities to make the brand more visible: brand comparison, integration of social network content, stock exchange reports, dynamic metering of job offers, etc.

Technical challenges

  • Prioritizing mobile usage with a customized interface providing the same level of information as the desktop version
  • Hosted in the cloud by Microsoft Azure
  • A single-entry point with Atos for technical implementation, application maintenance, roll-out and complete managed services


  • A total content hub
  • A website that promotes AccorHotels Group and its many brands
  • 100% responsive web platform accessible by all devices
  • Increased performance and security
  • Foundation for personalized content