Bristol Airport uses Sitecore to enhance its customer experience to achieve record passenger numbers

Bristol Airport is the UK’s ninth largest Airport, with 6.3 million passengers in 2014, and is the only top 10 UK airport to consistently grow passenger numbers year-on-year for the last five years. It is the South West England’s largest single-site employer, and serves the region with over 100 direct international routes.

The airport has a clear vision of how digital will enhance their customer experience, and is looking through to 2020 with a target of 10 million passengers, and to be able to anticipate the digital needs of its growing customer base.  Bristol Airport has used the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ since 2012, implemented by their Sitecore partner e3.  Both Bristol Airport and e3 have collaborated closely to understand their business objectives, to deliver a range of services to enhance the experience and streamline operations.


For the next stage of the airport’s digital evolution, e3 wanted to use the Sitecore platform to ensure all digital activity compliments the customer service experience, and to focus on achieving three key digital and business objectives.  Bristol Airport recognized that the earlier they can engage with a passenger, the more influence they could have.  As a business objective, they need to maximize the awareness of the destinations they fly to – vital for the airport to hit its 10 million passenger target. The new website needed to allow visitors to explore the destinations they can fly to, make decisions on car parking to facilitate desire, inspiration and decision making

The airport managed separate mobile and desktop websites which proved time consuming to update and an inconsistent digital journey for the user.  The airport now wanted a website offering a simple, quick and seamless navigation across all platforms and devices.  The new site would also need to be able to build further on search engine optimization.

With a new terminal extension due for summer 2015, the airport wanted to use digital to further showcase its in-airport facilities and retail offering, to drive and maximize commercial revenue, such as car parking or driving increased dwell time in the retail outlets.


With the Sitecore Experience Platform, e3 has now developed one responsive website to replace the separate desktop and mobile sites, so the airport website delivers a consistent experience.

e3 has taken advantage of Sitecore’s suite of experience marketing tools, and the site now delivers personalized content based on user behavior and location. Using the Sitecore platform’s built-in Experience Database, e3 can ensure that every customer interaction is recorded, with the MongoDB powered database being highly scalable. The platform is also integrated with Bristol Airport’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, to compliment the increasing role that CRM has for the airport’s marketing team.

e3 and the airport’s marketing team are also making full use of the platform’s Experience Editor, which allows content editors to complete inline editing on the actual web page, to simplify and streamline content management.


With the Sitecore Experience Platform, integrated together with the airport’s other business systems, the website has now seen a 33% year-on-year increase in ecommerce conversion rate in 2014, together with a 47% increase year-on-year in transactions and 56% increase in revenue.

To encourage customers to return to the airport site and build loyalty, Bristol Airport’s rewards scheme and other campaigns have also increased the number of returning users by 15% year-on-year.