Contiki launches Sitecore based engagement platform to deliver personalised digital experiences with #noregret’s bold, beautiful and brilliant site makes it easy to browse and book elegant, carefully designed travel experiences for a 18-35s global market.

Sitecore was used to personalise the digital experience, providing the right combination of brand values and product based content that reflects the customer’s interest and stage in the buying cycle.

Contiki were looking to find more ways to engage with their community of young, independent and digital-centric travellers. With their website in need of a revamp, their aims were to increase site usability, reconnect the brand, improve online sales revenues and provide a complete experience for their users.

Using Sitecore, an innovative and intuitive website was built specifically to cater to this tech-savvy target audience. The site incorporates the use of personalised content, natural language search, an improved user journey to take them smoothly through from brand to product, and contextual call to actions that connect the user to the product at just the right moment.

As a result of these improvements in digital approach, Contiki saw a 49% increase in leads from online quote and brochure requests, an 11% increase in conversion rates and a 21% increase in page views.

Key stats:

  • 49% increase in leads from online quote and brochure requests
  • 11% increase in online conversion rates
  • 21% increase in page views