New Brunswick is an eastern Canadian coastal province, Canada’s third-smallest, with a dramatic 545-mile-long coastline; rolling uplands; and forest covering some 80% of the province. The province’s Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is responsible for marketing New Brunswick as a leading destination for tourism experiences in Canada, with tourism being vital to the province’s economy, responsible for bringing in more than CA$1 billion in revenue each year and employing more than 27,000 people. As part of its marketing plan, Tourism New Brunswick works to generate awareness and inspire guests by showcasing the many attractions, activities, and events the province has to offer year-round and generating referrals and bookings to the tourism businesses profiled on its website.


Tourism New Brunswick needed a digital solution to improve its customers’ online experience and nurture website visitors along the path to conversion, having noticed that these website visitors were becoming more demanding in terms of the experience they were receiving—across all kinds of digital devices. Specifically, Tourism New Brunswick wanted a solution that would help it identify different types of visitors and deliver content and a digital experience that would show what New Brunswick can offer to match their individual needs.

As part of this digital experience, web visitors would also see different imagery and designs relevant to their interests. The solution would need to easily integrate this experience across various channels and devices.

Tourism New Brunswick also required a more scalable enterprise digital platform that could support its ever-growing web traffic levels, having outgrown its existing content management system (CMS).


Tourism New Brunswick worked with Sitecore® Solution Partner T4G Limited on the strategy and implementation of its new digital solution. Together they chose the Sitecore® Experience Platform™, because it could provide market-leading personalization capabilities in a platform that was easily extensible, which would enable Tourism New Brunswick to tackle its future marketing objectives.

T4G worked with Tourism New Brunswick to use insight into Tourism New Brunswick website visitors to determine the various travel experiences visitors were looking for, so the website could provide relevant content according to those preferences.

Rather than make website visitors sift through many options to find what they need, one way Tourism New Brunswick used Sitecore was to tailor the visitor experience through two simple badge buttons created by T4G for the site’s home page. For example, one badge highlights travel ideas for family and friends, the other on cultural and nature experiences. Clicking these badges helped segment visitors and deliver information relevant to their expressed interests.

Another personalization tactic is used for traffic originating from advertising campaign sources. Tourism New Brunswick used a location-based approach in its last summer campaign to tailor landing pages according to which ad the visitor had last clicked on. Based on its research, Tourism New Brunswick knew that website visitors from Quebec were typically more interested in beach vacations than those from Ontario, who prefer trips to the renowned Bay of Fundy.

Using the Sitecore Experience Platform, Tourism New Brunswick capitalized on this knowledge to personalize the digital experience, showing beach-related content to visitors coming from the Quebec ad campaign and images and content related to the Bay of Fundy to visitors from the Ontario ad campaign.

With personalization, Tourism New Brunswick is now able to deliver relevant information to guests, who are now more quickly inspired, ready for a deeper website experience that helps them envision trips more easily and plan a unique travel experience according to their travel preferences.


Thanks to its personalization efforts, Tourism New Brunswick has seen a significant increase in conversions and is excited about further implementation.

The new website has seen a 38% year-over-year increase in unique visitors and a 24% increase in product page reviews through improved search engine optimization, a new site design, and enhanced navigation. Tourism New Brunswick has also increased entrance to product pages by 187%, with users now able to quickly access content deep within the site. Product page reviews also benefit from relevant indexing that provides easier and faster access from search engine results listings.

“The deeper you go with personalization, the better the results,” says Carol Alderdice, manager of Web Technology and Industry Communication for Tourism New Brunswick.

Future plans

Tourism New Brunswick and T4G hope to expand their use of the Sitecore Experience Platform and leverage the many other platform capabilities to further their marketing successes. Tourism New Brunswick will soon deploy predictive personalization and automation to further tailor the visitor experience. This feature will be used to address abandonment: an automated email message will be sent to guests who fall short of conversion. If website visitors leave the site on their path toward conversion, an automated email can get them back on track.

Tourism New Brunswick looks forward to continually expanding its marketing efforts with Sitecore, growing its business alongside the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Solution components

  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Personalization badges
  • Geo-IP localization