Transavia lays the foundation for cloud-native development with Sitecore, Azure

The website of budget airline Transavia was already about eight years old, which created a number of challenges. It was complicated to customize content, and adding new features was time consuming. The website no longer fit Transavia’s strategy—the organization is fully engaged in a digital transformation to be able to serve customers even better and thus increase customer satisfaction.

“The Sitecore platform offers unique features, such as campaign-based personalization, the ability to separate content and code and thereby quickly roll out new releases, and an interesting licensing model,” says Edwin van Voorbergen, senior consultant service delivery at Sitecore partner Mirabeau. “In addition, Sitecore supports connections with Microsoft Azure IaaS, providing even more powerful benefits—exactly what Transavia needed on its digital transformation journey.”

The challenge

  • Adjusting content was complex
  • Developing new website features was time consuming

The solution

  • Sitecore 8.1
  • Microsoft Azure IaaS

The results

  • Foundation for cloud-native development
  • Quicker time to market