These days, we all know the importance of minimizing our environmental footprint by following the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. With new capabilities, Sitecore Content Hub 4.1 helps marketers reduce the need for creating new content by making it much simpler for them to reuse and recycle (repurpose) already existing content — minimizing the time, money, and energy of content creation.

We’re thrilled to announce Content Hub 4.1’s exciting new features.

More efficient content production

The most exciting might be the new “reference content” feature. It allows content practitioners to modularize content creation by dividing content into smaller, modular pieces, enabling the simple reuse of these atomic content items across assets, channels, and campaigns.

Content creators can now define certain pieces of content that they know can be reused or repurposed as “reference content” items. Other content creators can then pick up these reference content items, combine them in new ways or with fresh content they’ve created for new assets.

This may not sound super exciting at first, but as we know from personal experience, eliminating duplicate efforts and streamlining the process of content creation is an incredibly effective way to reduce the burden of content creation. This is especially critical for large, varied teams that span geographies.

Support for additional asset types

Another feature we’re excited about — Sitecore DAM can now ingest and visualize animated GIFs with a new previewer. Visual previews are also now available for new 3D asset types: STL, VRML, glTF/glb, multi-material OBJ

Across digital marketing and social media campaigns, marketers are increasing their use of animated GIFs. They’re also creating and distributing various 3D asset types. Now able to handle the broadest range of media files possible, Sitecore DAM supports digital-marketing trailblazers.

Improved content delivery

In addition, Content Hub 4.1 has a new Media Delivery Service to replace geographic satellites. And it now supports customers’ own CDNs.

The new Media Delivery Service provides better reliability, faster recovery time, reduced resource consumption, and lower costs while achieving higher performance. For customers who prefer to use their own URL, public links can now render using their content provider when displaying URLs or URL placements.

Another great feature is our new bulk download. Simply grant users access to a public collection, and they can download all assets in it in a zip package with a single click.

Improved flexibility and extensibility

As every DAM user knows well, visual previews are key. In addition to its own extensive visual previews, Sitecore Content Hub 4.1 enables users to configure and use their own external viewers for extended file types not yet supported.

It’s now also easier to automate the export and import of content. The new Command Line Interface (CLI) and script IntelliSense make it possible to develop scripts locally and automate without the need to create code, while bringing developers closer to the experience they’re familiar with. And new improved telemetry and logging offer better insight on the impact these scripts have on Content Hub performance.

We’re excited to bring all these new features to help marketers with creating, managing, and distributing digital content.

You can learn more about the latest release, Sitecore Content Hub 4.1, here.

Jose Santa Ana is Product Marketing Director at Sitecore. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.