At a time when 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them, getting CX right has never been more important – or valuable.

According to Gartner research, CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, more than “brand” or “price” combined. This means customers are likely to stick with a product or service regardless of whether other brands or service providers are offering additional features at a lower price; connected, relevant experiences build trust and loyalty to that brand.

However, attracting and retaining customers requires the right tools. For many brands and organizations, outdated processes and legacy systems stand in the way of leveraging the latest CX solutions that are key to delivering the types of hyper-relevant experiences that drive loyalty.

Barriers to innovation

  1. Data silos: Disconnected customer data means brands lack the insights required to deliver relevant, connected experiences
  2. Team silos: When different teams manage different parts of the customer experience, it becomes impossible to orchestrate across the whole journey
  3. Martech silos: Multiple marketing systems running different segmentation and personalization decisions creates inconsistency and inefficiencies
  4. Long development cycles: When marketers depend on developers to code experiences, progress is slow and there is a lack of agility
  5. Complicated technology: Clunky, outdated legacy systems restrict marketers and stall innovation
  6. Disconnected journeys: Websites and other inbound channels that are disconnected from outbound marketing campaigns create a disconnected journey

The need for speed and agility

Future-facing organizations are turning away from monolithic solutions and embracing a flexible, composable approach. Not only can they unlock greater value from their existing tech stacks, but they are also ready to seize the moment and embrace emerging technologies.

Sitecore Connect: Your integration workbench for a composable future

Sitecore Connect is one of four game-changing composable digital experience products available within Sitecore Engagement Cloud. Think of Sitecore Connect as the gateway to your flexible future – an integration workbench that integrates your experience ecosystem with low-code/no-code connectors and integration scenarios known as recipes.

Recipes can either start from scratch – build your own, or you can utilize existing recipes from the community that cover the main use cases. By allowing you to own your digital experience integrations, you can tap into cross-platform data, unlock new opportunities and close gaps between content, insights, and actions.

Key capabilities of Sitecore Connect

  • Seamless connectivity: Connect your ecosystem with 5,000+ out-of-the-box app connectors.
  • Automated marketing: Automate any data or business processes across your customer experience tech stack using an easy-to-use visual canvas.
  • Blazing-fast integration: Rapidly build integrations with a low-code/no-code workbench fully integrated with the Sitecore Cloud or connect your existing martech stack to Sitecore products.
  • Wide community support: Move faster with access to thousands of community-contributed automation recipes.

Benefits of Sitecore Connect

Sitecore Connect’s drag-and-drop interface gives you the flexibility to integrate thousands of connectors, from within and outside the Sitecore ecosystem, enabling you to build a digital experience solution as unique as your business.

  • Streamlining integrations between Sitecore products and wider markets allows you to overcome complexities in authentications, formats, and connecting methods.
  • An intuitive visual canvas allows you to easily automate data and business processes across your customer experience tech stack.
  • Sitecore Connect gives you the flexibility to start your data communication from different points including triggering within your systems, periodic schedules, webhooks, using external APIs, or using Slack bots.
  • With active monitoring of all your projects, you can quickly spot and fix issues before they impact your operations.
  • Easily build complex workflows across your marketing and customer experience ecosystem without investing in custom integrations.

Sitecore Engagement Cloud

Sitecore Engagement Cloud gives brands the tools they need to deliver connected, relevant, and cross-channel experiences. By connecting and activating customer data across their ecosystems, personalizing each engagement, and optimizing every experience across every channel, it’s possible to serve customers seamless, hyper-relevant experiences.

Build a digital experience powerhouse with Sitecore Engagement Cloud’s composable products:

Sitecore Connect: Connect Sitecore solutions with thousands of systems and software platforms with this clean, streamlined solution.

Sitecore CDP: Connect and activate customer data across your ecosystem to drive relevance with an intelligent customer data platform.

Sitecore Personalize: Optimize every experience across every channel with our world-leading experimentation and personalization platform.

Sitecore Send: Create unique customer journeys and hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns and AI-driven automation.

Sitecore is helping the world’s leading brands to deliver connected customer experiences that drive trust and loyalty. Find out more about Sitecore Connect and Sitecore’s suite of composable solutions.

Fiona Hilliard is a Content Marketing Manager at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn