We’re proud to announce that Sitecore has joined hands with Netlify, a pioneer in front-end cloud solutions. Together, we aim to revolutionize the process of building and deploying websites to deliver exceptional digital experiences for customers.

Netlify's impressive suite of features now seamlessly integrates with Sitecore XM Cloud to ensure that your website consistently operates at peak performance levels. Using Netlify, Sitecore XM Cloud customers can launch their website more quickly, with better reliability and security, all while focusing on providing an intuitive authoring experience for marketing teams.

Maximize the value of XM Cloud by linking it with a modern web architecture that keeps your website at top performance, while maintaining security, scalability, and developer productivity at its highest levels.

Key partnership benefits

  • Accelerated web development: The ability to build and deploy websites faster, saving time and resources with 18x faster page load times
  • Automated website previews: It is said that it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website. With the combination of Netlify and Sitecore, teams can collaborate to preview websites before deployment, adding another layer to your content effectiveness.
  • Global content delivery: With the capability to meet any traffic demands, this partnership offers an enterprise-grade solution for content delivery.

"At Sitecore, our mission is to elevate leading brands through unforgettable digital connections with their customers,” said Shawn Lisbon, VP of Strategic Technical Alliances at Sitecore. “As a global leader in digital experience software, our partnership with Netlify extends the reach of our flagship product, XM Cloud, and beyond. The powerful combination of Sitecore with Netlify gives us the ability to deliver leading-edge solutions for our clients.”

Solving problems for end users

The new alliance between Sitecore and Netlify offers some amazing benefits for customers:

  • Streamlines CI/CD pipelines, allowing for faster releases
  • Allows infrastructure concerns to be offloaded, as components are managed by a 3rd party, so you don’t have to worry about hiring cloud developers or an infrastructure team. There’s also no need to sign a service retainer if there is no internal technical prowess to operate and handle the infrastructure.
  • Better ROI, as many other teams see themselves having to spend 2x the amount of money on external cloud operations to manage their infrastructure through AWS
  • Netlify’s easy-to-use dashboard allows teams to track release information and enables easier developer onboarding vs. a customized program

As Sitecore and Netlify combine forces, the future of digital experiences is set to reach new heights. Organizations will gain access to modern tools and capabilities needed to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape.

This partnership will not only help businesses keep up with market changes but also enable them to set new industry standards in content, and overall experience.

To learn more about Netlify, visit their partner page.

Sean Broderick is the Director of Product GTM at Sitecore. Find Sean on LinkedIn.