With 2023 coming to a close, what better time to look back on the second half of the year and everything that the amazing Sitecore R&D team has delivered.

Let’s dig into some of the recent updates so you can get the most out of your Sitecore investment.

What’s new in Content Cloud?

Release of XM Cloud Plus
In October, Sitecore expanded the capabilities of XM Cloud, with the launch of XM Cloud Plus, an extended digital-experience solution that brings together content management, AI-powered search, personalization, customer data management, and analytics.

XM Cloud

Forms in XM Cloud
You can now convert your website visitors into leads! We're thrilled to announce the latest feature update to XM Cloud: the introduction of XM Cloud Forms, powered by Sitecore's intuitive, cloud-based form builder. This feature revolutionizes the way you collect data, offering unparalleled ease and flexibility in creating a wide range of forms using a drag-and-drop builder for easy form creation.


Project Creation Wizard (in Beta Release)
We're excited to introduce a beta release that enhances your XM Cloud experience. The improved project creation wizard in the Deploy app now features a more user-friendly interface. Creating XM Cloud projects is now easy with a modern design, improved guidance, visualization, and explanations. To try it out, go to Settings and toggle on the “Improved project creation wizard UI”. Enable the experimental feature to use Azure DevOps for your project.


Streamlined website page creation
Crafting a new website page is now easier than ever. Introducing a user-friendly feature in XM Cloud Pages — utilize page templates with predefined layouts, encompassing header, footer, and primary page sections. This ensures a consistent and structured design across all pages of your website.

Improved editing experience with shared layouts
This feature functions as a convenient switch, streamlining the editing process without impacting the entirety of your content. Additionally, you can also make modifications that are specific to the selected language and version, preserving targeted edits.


XM to XM Cloud Migration Tool
We are excited to announce the public release of our XM to XM Cloud Migration Tool, now accessible from the XM Cloud Developer Portal page. This tool makes moving content, media, and user data seamless from your on-premises XM instance to XM Cloud. It makes it easy to enter and choose data, as well as organize the migration process. It takes care of all the intricate steps involved in moving data from one place to another, saving you time and effort.

Sitecore & Netlify
In October, we announced our new partnership with Netlify. Using Netlify, Sitecore XM Cloud customers can launch their website more quickly, with better reliability and security, all while focusing on providing an intuitive authoring experience for marketing teams. Netlify is a front-end cloud solution for developers to build and deploy future-proof digital solutions with modern, composable tooling that works with all modern frameworks. Learn more here.

Content Hub ONE

As our agile headless CMS solution, Content Hub ONE powers exceptional omnichannel content experiences. Our latest enhancements further optimize enterprise workflows so marketers and developers alike can produce and excel without the brain drain of busy work.

Limitation / validation for reference & media fields
Introducing the ability to limit the number of content and media items that can be added during authoring. Additionally, introducing the ability to limit the type of content that can be selected through a reference field.

Limitation / validation for text fields
Introducing the ability to limit the number characters that can be added to a text field.

Display parent content
An improved way to display the hierarchy between content and media items to have a better overview.

Media field upload
While authoring content with media fields, it was only possible to link exiting media items by searching from the repository. With this improvement, authors will be able to upload a new media item by using media fields during authoring.

Content Hub

Inline editing
Inline editing is finally here. The addition of inline editing enables users to migrate unsaved work-progress all the way to the search component. Inline editing improves performance by providing a clearer distinction between temporary and permanent data storage in Content Hub.

Focal point cropping
We've added an option that lets you crop to a custom focal point when creating public links, custom downloads, and renditions. This new feature gives you significantly more control when manipulating images, making it easy to get the results you need.


Content Publisher free trial
Empower content creators with an intuitive authoring experience to effortlessly craft engaging and impactful content that captivates audiences. To help customers on this journey, we are offering a limited trial for Content Publisher powered by Chili GrafX. Content Hub customers can access the free trial directly from their instance in January 2024.

Sitecore Search

Centralized platform experience
Sitecore Search can now be seamlessly integrated into the Sitecore Cloud Portal, transforming it into your centralized DXP administration hub. This update provides a unified workbench, allowing you to effortlessly manage all your Sitecore products from a single, cohesive platform.


Efficient data processing
Introducing powerful source connectors, including the API push and API Crawler, this update ensures faster indexing, comprehensive analytics insights, and seamless troubleshooting capabilities. Your data is now more accessible and versatile than ever before.

Real-time insights with analytics
Knowledge is power, and our latest update brings you real-time analytics details about your configured sources. Access valuable information during re-crawl and re-indexing processes, directly from the Sources details page or the Analytics section under Sources Overview in the CEC.


Craft tailored experiences with Geo-location
Take your content strategy to the next level with Geo-Location in Sitecore Search. This feature allows you to recommend location-based content, sort results based on popularity and recency, and create precisely targeted promotions.

What’s new in Engagement Cloud?


Enhanced navigation and dashboard performance
We've restructured the navigational elements within experiences and experiments, ensuring that vital information and contextual actions are now more accessible than ever in the page header. This redesign simplifies the status bars to display only essential information. Read More

Additionally, we've elevated the performance of our native dashboards by transitioning to a new, more robust framework. Read More

Optimized A/B testing: v1
With Optimized Testing, you can dynamically adjust traffic allocation between A/B testing variants, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on lower-performing options. This is achieved through the Multi Arm Bandit algorithm, which automatically updates traffic allocation every 24 hours based on the latest results.


Personalization at the Edge: MVP release update
We are thrilled to announce an upcoming milestone in Sitecore Personalize: the Edge Personalization MVP. Edge Personalization not only promises faster personalization, particularly for users geographically distant from their data centers, but also lays the groundwork for advanced capabilities like component-based personalization and A/B testing on XM Cloud.

Sitecore CDP

Enhanced analytics in Sitecore CDP, Personalize, and XM Cloud


Building on our commitment to deliver real-time insights, we've now launched our enhanced analytics dashboards, designed to transform the way you interact with data. Earlier this year, we introduced real-time Site and Page Analytics to XM Cloud, CDP, and Personalize.

Our new solution features a robust “Metric Layer” framework atop our Data Lake, ensuring dashboard load times are now under 5 seconds – a 4x speed increase, even for our largest customers.

Audience Export


The audience sync feature in CDP has been enhanced to simplify the process of first-party data export for both business users and technical users in an organization using Sitecore CDP.

As part of the enhancements the feature is now referred to as “Audience Export”. Audience export now supports delta export, which are essential for paid media use cases and a direct integration with Sitecore Connect with API keys for security.

Sitecore Send

Sitecore Send now available in Cloud Portal
Sitecore Send becomes the latest product to be available in the Sitecore Cloud Portal. With this addition, all four products in Sitecore’s Engagement Cloud (CDP, Personalize, Send, and Connect) are now accessible here.

AI writer – coming soon
The new AI writer feature in Sitecore Send enables email marketers to generate and optimize content within the Sitecore Send application, removing the necessity to use other AI tools for text generation.

AI writer empowers email marketers to generate new content, improve on existing content, change the tone and length of the content, and check for grammar and spelling.


GenAI subject line generator – coming soon
Sitecore Send will soon be bolstered with an AI powered subject line generator, which will enable email marketers to generate highly engaging subject lines for different campaigns.


What’s new in Commerce Cloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud

Now on Sitecore Cloud Portal
OrderCloud is now available on the Sitecore Cloud Portal. This allows organization owners to manage team members and product access more efficiently. The Cloud Portal is designed to be a central location to manage the administration of Sitecore products.

OrderCloud Marketplace management
Once a customer or partner is logged into the Cloud Portal, they can access key areas from the OrderCloud Dashboard homepage. The dashboard is designed to assist a developer on getting started with OrderCloud. It does this by providing easy access to resources that are helpful for OrderCloud implementations. As a result, it delivers an enjoyable and personalized user experience and helps foster composability.


Product bundles
Bundles represent a collection of two or more products, usually available at a lower price when combined. This strategy presents a valuable chance for retailers to promote associated items. Shoppers value the simplicity of recognizing products that complement each other. Bundles can even be configured as a subscription to provide an automated way to receive bundled products periodically.

Sitecore Discover

Available on the Sitecore Cloud Portal: We continue to add products to the Sitecore Cloud Portal. With this addition, users can access Sitecore Discover and other Sitecore products from one convenient location. There is no need to switch between platforms to access Sitecore products.

The vast range of product enhancements showcases our commitment to our Composable DXP approach and is testament to the hard work of our entire R&D team. We are so excited for what’s to come in 2024.

For regular product update information visit our Product changelog and keep an eye on our social channels for larger product announcements.