Personalizing e-commerce messaging is a sure-fire way to increase engagement. And with marketers reporting a whopping 760% revenue increase from segmented email marketing campaigns, Audiences Discovery’s new features are here to amplify your Sitecore Send strategies like never before.

What’s new

Audience Discovery is a powerful AI-driven feature that enhances your existing audience use cases by creating segments for your campaigns through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

After launching the use of colored AI tags and new segmentation criteria (rules), we are excited to announce the addition of two new Audience Discovery features – automated segments and automated campaigns.

Imagine applying an email marketing strategy that generates 320% more revenue than usual with a simple click of a button. That’s exactly what our new features allow you to do.

With automated segments and campaigns, you can:

  • Create pre-made segments, ready for use in campaigns
  • Gain insights into your audiences with minimal effort
  • Utilize segments to provide more personalized content, such as specific products and offers
  • Send automated, up-to-date campaigns with high-interest products to segments with high purchase intent

Here’s a closer look at the details.

Automated segments

Looking to provide your target audience with more personalized and meaningful content? Automated segments are the perfect fit for e-commerce.

With this new Audience Discovery feature, Sitecore Send creates pre-made segments based on your customers’ purchase probability and interest within the product category, helping you boost your conversion rates at scale.

Automated Segments removes the need to manually detect segments, while also helping you use automated campaigns to send highly personalized newsletters with minimal effort.

There are three different Automated Segments:

  1. Audience Discovery Segment: Most profitable audience
  2. Audience Discovery Segment: Audience most likely to purchase
  3. Audience Discovery Segment: Most viewed product category

Automated campaigns

Automation is one of email marketing’s most powerful tools. Setting up automated campaigns enables marketers to eliminate repetitive tasks and save crucial time, while also delivering relevant email messages to the right people at the right moment.

With Sitecore Send it gets even better because automated campaigns are just one click away.

By allowing Send to create pre-made campaigns for you based on the previously mentioned automated segments, three automated campaigns appear as drafts in your Campaigns list:

  1. Audience Discovery Campaign: Most profitable audience
  2. Audience Discovery Campaign: Audience most likely to purchase
  3. Audience Discovery Campaign: Most viewed product category

For added convenience, Send also prefills the campaigns settings, such as subject line and preview text, so you can save time and send your campaigns straight away.

Audience Discovery Automated Campaigns contain up to three products from your website, drawn from one of the product categories indicated by the respective segment, while it also includes product images, prices, links, and your business logo.

New ways to manage your audience and boost revenue

Audience Discovery’s latest features were made to help you boost revenue by taking personalization to new heights with minimum effort.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our latest feature updates as you continue to invest in making email marketing your company’s most valuable ally. And if you’d like a demo of Sitecore Send to see how it can transform your marketing automation, you can request one right now.

Sophie Krokida is a Product Marketing Manager at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn.