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  • Reduce call center load by driving people online
  • Generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Optimize mobile user experience to improve conversion
  • Personalize experience for Belgium and Luxemburg market
  • Short deadline to build and launch website, with lots of moving parts
  • To administer website without reliance on large corporate owner



  • Navigational elements drive visitors to book online which result in fewer call center interventions.
  • With personalized content and recommendations, Carglass can upsell retail products (wipers, car cleaning products, etc) for pickup when car owner comes in for service
  • By collecting and analyzing data, Carglass optimizes user journeys
  • Fully responsive website caters to mobile user
  • Marketers in the region can now update and promote local offerings



  • A more up-to-date website, with local offers
  • Share of online bookings/ appointments grew 31.6% compared to 30.1% over same 2-month period in 2017, an increase in 5%
  • Significant growth in website visitors and volume of bookings
  • Conversion rate increased by 8% to 55.4% for desktop and by 6.4% to 55.4% on mobile
  • Bounce rate dropped by 16.1%, session duration increased by 12.5%

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Platinum Solution Partner

Working with Sitecore since 2006, The Reference has three Sitecore MVPs, has won numerous Sitecore awards, and can present 40+ active Sitecore customers. Their areas of expertise include web development, digital strategy, e-commerce, online marketing, analytics, CRM and marketing automation, mobile applications, branding and design.

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