Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

GAC Honda: Delivering integrated, efficient, and effective marketing campaigns at scale

GAC Honda produces and sells around 700,000 cars per year as the main profit driver of Guangzhou Auto Group. Given GAC’s large reach, their distributers have access to a treasure trove of customer data. But lacking centralized collection and control, the company wasn’t using this data to drive growth. In addition, with hundreds of dealers each producing their own marketing collateral, some of which wasn’t even brand compliant, time and energy were being wasted.

In 2018, GAC Honda partnered with Sitecore in to develop a centralized digital marketing platform and dealer portal. The goals included increasing marketing efficiency, brand awareness and consistency, sales leads, and conversions. Integrated with both GAC Honda’s dealer management and customer relationship management systems, and including templates, collateral, and workflow efficiencies, the dealer portal empowers dealers to deliver exceptional, personalized, and brand-compliant campaigns with ease.

Using geolocation, persona, and preferred car models, the portal delivers personalized promo banners to dealers’ websites. And leads are automatically fed back into the dealer management system. While the site is still very new, having only launched in Q2 of this year, it is already producing impressive results: 30% increases in lead conversions and 50% increase in sales revenue.




Greater Asia