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  • Introduce new global BMI brand
  • Consolidate and unify a brand comprised of siloed companies 
  • Unify brand value propositions that were managed locally on a country-by-country basis 
  • Work with 36 languages across 46 countries
  • Involve multiple content platforms and agencies
  • Streamline disparate product catalog and sales process
  • Improve data analytics
  • Map customer journeys
  • Create cross and upsell opportunities across brands



  • Consolidation will allow the shutdown of 285 sites and a significant savings 
  • Easy access to pdf content reduces the need for printed materials by 75%  business-wide, prorated to a savings of £650K per year
  • Product information is now displayed in a consistent manner across the entire catalogue
  • Supported evolution of branded websites’ editorial and marketing experiences
  • Legacy brands’ credibility and trust retained in global brand
  • Optimized digital experience

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