Homefashion Group

Homefashion Group blends content and commerce to boost customer engagement

Homefashion Group is one of the largest suppliers of flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, lighting, and furniture products in the Netherlands. The Dutch holding company recently embarked on a rebrand of Kwantum, its flagship company. With more than 100 stores and growing, Kwantum serves customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Prior to the rebrand, Kwantum had a basic website – essentially, an online product catalog. It lacked original content, integration with social media, and the ability to capture information about the customer journey. When it came to user experience, it was one size fits all.

Homefashion Group wanted to create a personalized and authentic experience for visitors to make shoppers feel understood and well served by the brand. But to do so, the company needed to understand the context of every consumer interaction with the brand, including knowing which web pages a consumer has visited, which emails they have opened, what products they have purchased, and what devices they have used to view the website.


  • Refresh its flagship brand
    Shift the perception of Kwantum from discount furniture brand to leader in modern, inspiring home furnishings.
  • Update and expand digital presence
    Move beyond a simple online catalogue, by providing original content and integrated social media.
  • Personalize the customer experience
    Use personalization and analytics capabilities to better understand Kwantum customers and deliver more relevant experiences.
  • Boost customer loyalty and engagement
    Strengthen the online community and brand loyalty through social media and loyalty programs.



  • 25% increase in online and offline visitors
  • 25% increase in user engagement
  • Significant revenue growth
  • Lower IT costs thanks to an integrated platform
  • Standout customer experience across all channels