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  • Rapid growth: doubling in size over 7 years to 35,000 students
  • Delivering high levels of services to a large student population
  • Redesign how student needs are met online
  • Provide students an improved user experience when navigating the growing number of digital systems 
  • Improve student conversion by simplifying the enrolment and onboarding process
  • Communicate new brand promise of Impact through Empathy
  • Failure rate across the enrolment process was a major risk—at best requiring staff intervention, at worst, leading to students not enrolling



  • Design was optimised for mobile, table and desktop devices
  • Delivered a significant return on investment by ensuring students have a positive experienceand and increasing conversion 
  • Created an online ‘orientation planner’ to ensure students have a personalised orientation experience
  • Integrated library services
  • Enabled access to 1,500 pages of useful information for students to support their education and extracurricular pursuits
  • Engagement increases year on year:
    • 5.8% in total portal users
    • 12.1% in overall sessions 
    • 6.0% in number of sessions per user 
    • 7.8% in pageviews 

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