Simplifying the insurance-buying process

Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Buying insurance can be a high-stakes, confusing process, with a dizzying array of product choices. There’s basic health insurance, which the Swiss government requires authorized private health insurers to provide. Beyond that, the insurer might offer a range of supplementary packages according to the applicant’s age, health status, and other factors.
To improve its customer experience and differentiate itself in a competitive market, KPT set out to make it easy for customers to compare, select, price, and purchase the right available insurance products for their needs.

With Sitecore, we created a groundbreaking e-commerce platform that integrates the website with calculator tools, making it easy for customers to select and purchase the right insurance products.

Catherine Loeffel

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Member of Executive Board,


Insurance / Financial Services



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