Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

MobilePay: Innovating cashless payments

With over 4.2 million users making payments at over 87,000 shops, MobilePay offers Danish and, increasingly, Finish consumers the convenience of cashless payments. In 2017, MobilePay became an independent company and more than 60 Danish partner banks joined as distribution partners.

MobilePay needed to not only introduce a new visual identity but also create an accessible partner portal and overhaul its public-facing website. MobilePay partnered with Sitecore and Implicit. Sitecore was chosen based on their ability to meet unique needs, offer multisite and multilingual support, security, ease of use for internal teams, and personalization and A/B testing.

With Sitecore, MobilePay is able to personalize communications to varied partner roles—increasing engagement—support multiple sites and various languages, easily repurpose content, and view visitor’s behavior. MobilePay now offers an exceptional user experience that partners are pleased with.





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