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  • Build a unique connection with each customer
  • Use digital channels for making contact and understanding and responding to their feedback; key to better engagement
  • Upgrade existing Sitecore platform to increase functionality, personalization and customer experience
  • Present a more human and emotional face to personal finances
  • Improve internal operations and content management
  • Migrate from existing Sitecore version to XP 9





  • Increased customer engagement with visitors spending more time on site per visit
  • Achieve a 4.7 out of 5 rating for the Oney app
  • Improved customer access to information and transaction management
  • Developed a single content creation point for web, mobile apps and soon, kiosks
  • Freed staff to create, edit, publish content without IT support or writing code
  • Reduced time-to-market for new content
  • Simplified customer onboarding
  • Gathered and mapped site use to understand better customer engagement and journeys

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Platinum Solution Partner

Avanade is a Sitecore Platinum Solution and Hosting Partner with a global team of 27,000+ professionals includes digital strategists, designers, and services delivery experts. Their deep expertise includes delivering marketing content management (WCM), analytics, marketing automation, web optimization, and mobility solutions.

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