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  • Deliver relevant content to distinct audiences (broker, employer, and employee)

  • Empower marketing department to drive revenue opportunity

  • Create sales attribution pipeline linking marketing and sales data



  • Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) on Microsoft Azure (PaaS)

  • Sitecore Experience Database™ (xDB)

  • Sitecore® Experience Analytics (xAnalytics)

  • Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM)

  • Sitecore for Salesforce List Builder



  • Increased # of users, sessions, and pageviews and time on page; decrease bounce rates by as much as half

  • Driving more market-qualified leads to sales teams

  • Integrated CMS, email, analytics, and sales platforms saves time, improves efficiencies


Platinum Solution Partner

Verndale is a customer experience agency, purpose-built to help marketing and technology leaders connect the dots of the consumer journey. A Sitecore Platinum Partner, the agency designs and builds digital experiences and enables marketing technologies that bring brands and their customers closer together.

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