VicSuper improved member engagement by using Sitecore to provide a personalized online experience to over 242,000 members.

Sitecore was chosen to replace their aging Content Management System (CMS), giving $12 billion strong VicSuper the ability and functionality needed to remain agile and responsive online. Read how this new CMS enabled VicSuper to craft a clean, easy, and rich online experience that promoted concise navigation and the easy location of critical information while reducing the risks associated with the previously manual task of updating time-sensitive information.


In 2012, VicSuper embarked on the beginnings of a project to update its website and the associated platform. The existing site and content management system (CMS) were no longer allowing the organization to remain agile and responsive online. "VicSuper had been using the same CMS for a long time and the platform was quite old", explains Lara Tucker, Senior Marketing and Communications Consultant at VicSuper. "There was no personalization and it had become expensive to maintain because we needed help with even basic changes like updating the homepage and banners."

Management of microsites had also become a particular problem. Due to system limitations, VicSuper had resorted to creating between 10 and 12 microsites in order to meet its content and communication requirements to deliver online newsletters, performance reports and other marketing campaigns. "We couldn't present content in the way we wanted or needed to. We wanted to be more responsive and proactive in our content delivery. And we wanted a progressive platform that would enable us to deliver a better immediate experience as well as provide us with the ability to continue to improve and evolve," Tucker recalls.


To identify key requirements for the new website, Tucker coordinated research with internal and external stakeholders. The Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management assisted in creating a shortlist of suitable solutions, and a series of focus groups were held to see what VicSuper's members required of their site. "As a not-for-profit organization we don't invest in solutions lightly, and we are careful to ensure that the solutions we do invest in will serve us well for a significant period of time. Our previous CMS served us for over 10 years, so it was likely we were looking at a long-term investment this time around as well. Gartner's top right quadrant was a solid place to start."

Shortlisted vendors were invited to participate in a fixed-time, scenario based demonstration. Representatives from across VicSuper's business attended and scored the solutions against a standard set of criteria. Sitecore was selected due to its out-of-the-box functionality, the belief that it could best enhance the member experience, and the cost-effectiveness over the long-term.

 "What gave Sitecore the edge was its personalization," Tucker says. "It is a very powerful system and fairly user-friendly despite the extensive functionality."

"One of the biggest benefits of Sitecore was the amount of functionality available in the one package - analytics, email, personalization, campaign management, content management and media management. This meant we would be able to rationalize some of our other systems, which would bring costs down and further increase cost effectiveness," she adds.

"We conducted a five-year 'as-is' and 'to-be' cost analysis across all vendors. Amongst other things, we included purchase price, licensing, implementation costs and ongoing maintenance. Compared with the other systems under consideration, Sitecore came out as very cost effective."


The majority of development was carried out over a six-month period. As well as the system build and a brand new front-end design, VicSuper redesigned the information architecture and undertook a massive cull and rewrite of all content and enhanced search engine optimization. This was done to ensure VicSuper's brand was strongly reflected throughout the site and so users were met with quick and easy access to relevant content.

“Prior to development, we worked with our Analytics team to determine several member-based online user segments. We conducted a number of focus groups with members from these segments as well as ran focus groups and workshops with our internal stakeholders. Using the aggregated data we were able to determine what our users wanted, and importantly, what they didn’t want. This ultimately informed the design of the front-end, the look and feel, and the content architecture.”

Launched in late 2013, the new VicSuper site offers a clean, easy and rich online experience. The responsive design ensures visitors can easily find the information they are after, regardless of the device they’re using and new accessibility options provide increased support for users with visual or motor impairments.

The introduction of an online form to request a call-back from a VicSuper Member Centre representative has been particularly welcomed. Prior to ‘go live’ the primary communication channel for members was VicSuper’s Member Centre. This posed difficulties for overseas members and those who couldn’t easily make contact during standard business hours, forcing some to resort to posting queries on Facebook. “There had been an increasing demand for an online channel. However the nature of compliance and superannuation means we are very constrained in what information we can deliver online. We weren’t exactly sure how much use the call-back form would get. But on day 1, we had almost triple the requests we expected. And this trend has continued” Tucker says.

“Tracking the type of queries that come in online is providing us with another way of determining the content needs of our users and prioritizing delivery. In the longer-term, we’re hoping that by delivering more online, we will be able to reduce pressure on our other contact channels which will allow them to focus more on specific needs of our members.”

Solution special ingredients

  • Sitecore® Customer Experience Platform™
  • ABC PDF Converter
  • Web Forms for Marketers
  • 51 degrees
  • Global 360 integration