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  • Drive more UK consumers from ‘interested/engaged’ to action/purchase
  • Increase consumers installing smart meters by 6% by 1sthalf 2019 (approximately 3M people)
  • Maintain strong positive attitude to smart metering among 40% of UK adult population
  • Help to re-focus messaging from personal to national benefit of energy saving
  • Drive traffic towards smart meter suppliers
  • Eliminate high drop off rate for mobile visitors


  • Delivered 179% increase in smart meter conversions; higher than ever
  • Doubled forecasted number of conversions via the website; resulting from effectiveness and simplified user journey
  • Increased time on personalized pages by 31% with a reduced bounce rate 61% lower than non-personalized pages
  • Reduced overall bounce rate cut by 32%
  • Averaged 576 daily average views for personalized pages
  • Reduced page load times by six seconds
  • Created cleaner design, easier search, and simple, faster route to the ‘Get a Smart Meter’ page
  • Next phase: personalization by zip code

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